Faith The Word
Jaime L. WatersJanuary 10, 2020

Today’s readings describe moments of destruction, uncertainty and discord. They invite us to reflect on the imperfections of the world, learn from them and grow in our relationship with God and one another.

Faith Features
Nichole M. FloresJanuary 10, 2020
Psalm 137 reflects my longing to return home, even as I am aware that I have idealized it in my earnest efforts to not forget it.
Faith The Word
Jaime L. WatersJanuary 10, 2020
Although the Holy Family is central to this feast of the Presentation, Simeon and Anna play vital roles.
Arts & Culture Poetry
Daniel LuttrullJanuary 10, 2020
Hailemichael, newly blind, Heads down the street without his cane.
Faith Jesuitical
JesuiticalJanuary 10, 2020
An interview with Martha Hennessy
Faith Features
Jim McDermottJanuary 09, 2020
Again and again I have watched Californians find a way beyond the categories they are supposed to occupy.
A man celebrates in Tehran, Iran, on Jan. 8, 2020, after the country launched missiles at U.S.-led forces in Iraq. (CNS photo/Nazanin Tabatabaee, West Asia News Agency via Reuters)
Politics & Society News Analysis
America StaffJanuary 09, 2020
On “Inside the Vatican” this week, hosts Colleen Dulle and Gerard O’Connell discuss the Holy See's reaction to the U.S. drone strike that claimed the life of Qassim Soleimani and look back at the similarities between this attack and the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
Faith Short Take
Michael White, Tom CorcoranJanuary 09, 2020
The U.S. church’s decline in revenue is exacerbated by rising overhead costs, write the authors of "Church Money: Rebuilding the Way We Fund Our Mission." Parishes need to be more direct about the crisis.
Faith News
The pope also addressed the political crises in Latin America, including Venezuela, where he said he hoped "efforts to seek solutions will continue."
Politics & Society News
The amount of the CNN settlement was not made public during a hearing at the federal courthouse in Covington, Kentucky.
Politics & Society News
Just before Christmas, the Catholic and Lutheran bishops of Minnesota issued a joint letter in support of refugees, urging prayers and protection for them.
Politics & Society News
Msgr. Andre Massinganda, deputy secretary-general of the Congolese bishops' conference, told Catholic News Service that the church was concerned with "how to bring peace to those areas where war continues, and how to end the killings and massacres so people can live safely again."
A mourner leaves a funeral ceremony for Iranian Gen. Qassim Soleimani and his comrades, passing graffiti on the wall of the former U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran, on Jan. 6. (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi)
Politics & Society Short Take
Maryann Cusimano LoveJanuary 08, 2020
The U.S. executive branch has long been expanding its powers to wage war, writes Maryann Cusimano Love, but President Trump seems eager to go even further in acting without congressional authorization.
Faith The Good Word
Terrance KleinJanuary 08, 2020
We are not angels. We cannot be spiritual without being religious. Why? Because we cannot be human without rituals.
Arts & Culture Ideas
John AndersonJanuary 08, 2020
A visit to the pope’s old haunts.
Faith News
Francis gingerly agreed to a nun's request for a kiss on the cheek, but said he would only approach her if she didn't bite.
Faith News
Anti-Semitic attacks rose worldwide by 13% in 2018 compared to the previous year, according to a report by Tel Aviv University's Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary Jewry.
Politics & Society News
Catholic News ServiceJanuary 08, 2020
The statement from Archbishop Gomez comes five days after the U.S. launched a drone strike that killed Gen. Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad.
Politics & Society News
Catholic News ServiceJanuary 08, 2020
Bishop Alexander Pyone Cho has called for dialogue among all parties as violence escalates in Myanmar's Rakhine state.
Faith Video
America FilmsJanuary 08, 2020
Fr. Eric Sundrup, S.J., and Fr. Paddy Gilger, S.J., answer some of the Internet's most searched questions about the Catholic Church.