Sen. Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, makes a motion that the impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump is unconstitutional at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, on Jan. 26. (Senate Television via AP)
Politics & Society News Analysis
Sam Sawyer, S.J. January 27, 2021
The Republican Party has steadily devalued the meaning of “unconstitutional” in its defense of Donald Trump, writes Sam Sawyer, S.J., undermining the best legal argument of the pro-life movement.
Politics & Society Short Take
M. Therese Lysaught January 27, 2021
The Covid-19 vaccines give Catholics an opportunity to rethink our health priorities, writes M. Therese Lysaught. First, how should we respond to vaccine stockpiling by wealthy countries?
Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckereberg and Pope Francis (AP)
Politics & Society The Moral Economy
John W. MillerJanuary 27, 2021
More than any previous pontiff, Francis has been lobbied by C.E.O.s to soften his skepticism about capitalism, and he in turn has pressed them to better serve the poor and the planet.
Politics & Society Short Take
Bill McCormick, S.J.January 27, 2021
President Biden faces a litany of crises, writes Bill McCormick, S.J. But he must make a special effort to remember the nation’s poor, who do not have a seat at the political table.
Faith The Good Word
Terrance KleinJanuary 27, 2021
There are two marks that tell us we are in the presence of something, someone, not ourselves: desire and fear.
Faith News
Catholic News ServiceJanuary 27, 2021
The funeral was celebrated the day after Pope Francis publicly mourned the death of Edwin, a Nigerian who had been sleeping near St. Peter’s Square, and whose death was attributed to Rome’s overnight cold temperatures.
Pope Francis raises the Book of the Gospels as he celebrates Mass marking the feast of the Epiphany in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican
Faith Vatican Dispatch
Pope FrancisJanuary 27, 2021
‘The Bible was not written for a generic humanity, but for us, for me, for you’
Faith News
According to a new poll by the Pew Research Center, more Americans say the coronavirus pandemic has strengthened their religious faith than those in 13 other nations that possess what Pew called “advanced economies.”
Faith Podcasts
Inside the VaticanJanuary 27, 2021
This week on “Inside the Vatican,” host Colleen Dulle and veteran Vatican correspondent Gerard O’Connell look at questions that have arisen around the U.S. bishops' president's statement.
Faith News
Remembering the Holocaust and its victims is not only an act of solidarity but also serves as a warning to humanity that such horrors could happen again, Pope Francis said.
Faith News
The Archdiocese of Quebec announced its intention to reorganize its parishes to focus on local missionary activities. At least 75% of the parishes will be affected by this change.
Faith Faith and Reason
Michael BaxterJanuary 26, 2021
As we give thanks for John Courtney Murray, S.J., we should probably temper our gratitude and be mindful that “the Murray project,” as it is sometimes called, brings with it some caveats.
U.S. Capitol Police with guns drawn stand near a barricaded door as rioters try to break into the House Chamber at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
Politics & Society Short Take
Tom SuozziJanuary 26, 2021
“Shots fired in the Capitol! Get down!” Congressman Tom Suozzi offers a first-person account what happened in the chamber of the U.S. House as armed rioters stormed the building.
Politics & Society News
Catholic News ServiceJanuary 26, 2021
The chairman of the U.S. bishops’ pro-life committee called it “deeply disturbing and tragic” that any U.S. president would mark the Jan. 22 anniversary of the Roe decision that legalized abortion by praising it and committing to codifying it in law.
Politics & Society News
Catholic News ServiceJanuary 26, 2021
Indian Jesuit Father Stan Swamy marked 100 days in prison with a letter highlighting the cases of poor people languishing in jail who begin their trials without even knowing their criminal charges.
Arts & Culture Film
America StaffJanuary 25, 2021
We're told the pope abstains from TV, but likes a good movie. Here's some suggestions from America staff and contributors.
Politics & Society Dispatches
Marko PiriJanuary 25, 2021
As the government attempts reburial of victims of the genocide, family members and Catholic church officials charge that the government is attempting to prevent a thorough historical accounting.
Venezuelan migrants walk along a trail into Brazil, in the border city of Pacaraima, Brazil, in April 2019. (CNS photo/Pilar Olivares, Reuters)
Politics & Society Dispatches
Eduardo Campos LimaJanuary 25, 2021
Refugees “can’t obtain the Brazilian documents,” one local bishop said, “but they keep needing shelter, food and healthcare.”
Politics & Society Features
Nathan SchneiderJanuary 25, 2021
After all the hope I and others felt as the story of 2011 swept across the world, the accounting of the decade since leans mightily toward disaster.
Politics & Society News
The wide-ranging nondiscrimination executive “threatens to infringe the rights of people who recognize the truth of sexual difference or who uphold the institution of lifelong marriage between one man and one woman,” said the chairmen of five U.S. bishops’ committees.