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Pope Francis warns German Synodal Path could lead to break with Rome

In a recent letter, Pope Francis told German Catholics that their synodal proposals risk moving away from the Catholic Church.

Podcast: How Pope Francis laid the groundwork for his papacy

Ten years ago, Pope Francis released his first papal document, “Evangelii Gaudium,” which lays out his vision for the church in the 21st century.
Furthering the vision of Cardinal Bernardin with an Integral Ethic of Solidarity
Blase J. CupichOctober 12, 2023

March 13, 2023


Contemplating Eternity: Bishop Gumbleton’s life of witness

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton appears in 'No Guilty Bystander' to be an institutional “lifer,” resolved to remain part of a gradually evolving system but reserving the right to dissent when he sees fit.

Italian film ‘Rapito’ tells the shocking true story of a Jewish boy kidnapped by the Vatican

“Rapito” is a compelling and often infuriating tale of church power that will likely never be shown at the Vatican.

Catholic Movie Club: In ‘Win Win,’ Paul Giamatti wrestles with life’s blessings

In Tom McCarthy’s film, the truly good things in life—love, trust, purpose—require hard, honest work.