Pope Francis: Evangelization becomes dangerous when the church imposes one culture on a diverse world

How many errors have been made in the history of evangelization by seeking to impose a single cultural model! Uniformity as a rule of life is not Christian! Unity yes, uniformity no!

Joe Biden to meet Pope Francis at the Vatican on Oct. 29

Biden’s Vatican meeting comes just a couple of weeks before U.S. bishops are expected to vote on a controversial document that could take aim at pro-choice Catholic politicians.
As the U.S. bishops’ conference discerns a path forward, veterans cite legacy of work for the common good
Don ClemmerOctober 14, 2021

August 2, 2021

Review: Sally Rooney writes for millennials in a post-Catholic world

Sally Rooney writes for an audience that lacks faith in an institutional church, yet yearns for something to believe in. She writes for me and my friends.

In ‘Reservation Dogs,’ a gang of Indigenous youth do bad things (but they are not bad people)

Creators Taika Waititi and Sterlin Harjo deliver a show with impressive emotional range that achieves an honest portrayal of the hardships that many Indigenous communities face.

Don’t dismiss Lil Nas X because of his ‘Satan video.’ He has something to teach the church.

“Montero” can offer new perspectives into the realities of Black queerness; for some, including some Catholics, it might even give a voice to their own experiences.