Podcast: Pope Francis is not changing his mind about Cardinal Becciu

Pope Francis celebrated a private Holy Thursday Mass at the apartment of Cardinal Angelo Becciu, the high-ranking prelate whose resignation Pope Francis ordered last September.

Pope Francis: Human selfishness is creating millions of climate change refugees

Climate change and environmental destruction are forcing millions from their homes, and Catholics have a responsibility to assist them, Pope Francis wrote.
Whether your answer is yes or no, what has gone into your discernment?
Our readersApril 8,2021

March 1,2021

As a 90s kid, I loved Disney’s ‘So Weird’ for its use of faith, sacrifice and the paranormal. As an adult, I still do.

As a kid, my favorite show was about death. Strangest of all, I watched it on the Disney Channel.

Ernest Hemingway was a brilliant writer and a terrible person. Discuss.

A new PBS documentary makes us ask: Is it possible to admire the art produced by a writer whom the reader dislikes, disdains, perhaps even despises?

What’s on your bookshelf? Welcome to Spring Books 2021!

An introduction to all the books, new and old, profiled in our Spring Literary Review 2021.