Valerie Schultz is a freelance writer, a columnist for The Bakersfield Californian and the author of Overdue: A Dewey Decimal System of Grace. She and her husband Randy have four daughters.
Photo by Jose A.Thompson on Unsplash.
Faith Last Take
Valerie SchultzJanuary 03, 2018
It is not just our eyes that become brittle and inflexible as we age. Our hearts can, too.
Faith Last Take
Valerie SchultzNovember 01, 2017
Thanks to social media, thousands of stories of sexual harassment and sexual assault are going viral under the social media movement, #MeToo.
Faith Last Take
Valerie SchultzOctober 25, 2017
I sensed God in the heightened awareness of my own mortality.
Faith Last Take
Valerie SchultzOctober 02, 2017
For inmates, incarceration is their punishment. But in the library, we focus on rehabilitation.
Faith Faith in Focus
Valerie SchultzSeptember 15, 2017
One day we may see one of their bylines in The New Yorker. One day these men will be released from prison.
Faith In All Things
Valerie SchultzJuly 31, 2017
While the church relies on volunteers in many instances, certain jobs require extensive training, which must be compensated.
Faith In All Things
Valerie SchultzJuly 11, 2017
The best bosses approach their work as a way to help the people under them shine, grow, learn and perform their jobs as well as possible.
Faith In All Things
Valerie SchultzMay 30, 2017
Three huge bags of baby clothes! My baby is 25. Why have I saved these things?
Politics & Society Short Take
Valerie SchultzMay 08, 2017
In my unofficial survey of mothers, not a single mother mentioned gifts as part of a perfect Mother’s Day.
Faith In All Things
Valerie SchultzMarch 29, 2017
Stories of persistent women abound in the Gospels.