Timothy P. MuldoonOctober 08, 2012

In the December 19-26, 2011 issue, Christopher Pramuk reexamines the story of the Nativity in light of his family's decision to adopt two boys from Haiti. In 2004, Timothy P. Muldoon, author of

Timothy P. MuldoonNovember 29, 2004
For many people today, globalization is happening at the dinner table. My wife and I, both of Irish-American descent, stare across the table every day at two exquisitely Chinese faces. As toddlers, both our daughters traveled halfway around the world to be at home with us, their hope-filled parents,
Timothy P. MuldoonFebruary 26, 2001
A number of articles and books over the last few years have asked: What will the church look like in 20 years? Underlying this basic concern is an awareness that today’s young Catholic adults have not, it seems, employed the models of earlier generations to appropriate the faith and lack the c