Kevin O’Brien, S.J., is the president of Santa Clara University, in Santa Clara, Calif.

Politics & Society Short Take
Kevin O'BrienJuly 31, 2019
“Move fast and break things” has been a guiding principle for Silicon Valley, writes Santa Clara University President Kevin O’Brien, but Ignatian discernment can help innovators foresee negative consequences.
Faith Faith in Focus
Kevin O'BrienSeptember 17, 2007
A line still forms outside the Father McKenna Center at St. Aloysius Church in Washington, D.C. People come to the cramped but homey church basement looking for food, clothing, housing and personal support. They still tell stories about Father McKenna, who died 25 years ago.
Kevin O'BrienMay 03, 2004
During the spring semester of 2000, I spent Thursdays with Karl Rahner. I was then a Jesuit seminarian, studying philosophy and theology at Fordham University. I took a tutorial with the late William Dych, S.J., who had devoted his life to studying the works of Rahner.
Kevin O'BrienMay 26, 2003
Every semester begins the same way. I walk to the door of the classroom and catch my breath. Like an actor walking on stage, the nervousness of a teacher on the first day—or any day—is natural.
Politics & Society
Kevin O'BrienNovember 25, 2002
Over the last 20 years, 22 million people have died from AIDS. The United Nations predicts that without a drastic change in treatment and prevention efforts, 68 million more people will die from AIDS over the next two decades.
Faith Faith in Focus
Kevin O'BrienJune 03, 2000
In the oppressive heat of the midday sun, the nun in full habit held two heavy shovels. She walked just behind the gravediggers, who tried to carry with some dignity a lifeless body wrapped in old hospital bedsheets. We had arrived here in India just a few weeks before this burial.