A podcast from the young, hip and lay editors of America Media. Hosted by Ashley McKinless and Zac Davis.
Faith Jesuitical
JesuiticalJune 05, 2020
Meet the comedian who Father Richard Rohr called “the next Thomas Merton”
Faith Jesuitical
JesuiticalMay 29, 2020
A conversation with The Atlantic’s Emma Green.
Faith Jesuitical
JesuiticalMay 22, 2020
What the “nones” actually believe and worship
Faith Jesuitical
JesuiticalMay 15, 2020
A conversation with the (Jesuit-educated) principal of Kolbe Academy
Faith Jesuitical
JesuiticalMay 08, 2020
A conversation with Chris White, national correspondent for Crux.
Faith Jesuitical
JesuiticalMay 01, 2020
A conversation with Father Michael Trail, a member of Chicago’s task force of ‘priest-anointers’
Politics & Society Jesuitical
JesuiticalApril 24, 2020
A conversation with Jennifer Overton, the regional director for West Africa for Catholic Relief Services
Faith Jesuitical
JesuiticalApril 17, 2020
Up your quarantine recipe game with Brother Andrew Corriente.
Faith Jesuitical
JesuiticalApril 10, 2020
Laura Fanucci was up in the middle of the night with her 5-week-old newborn when the words came to her: “When this is all over....”
Faith Jesuitical
JesuiticalApril 03, 2020
A conversation with historian Winston Black on plague, medicine and religion in the Middle Ages