Faith Interviews
September 19, 2021
God doesn’t share in our outrage. God only invites us to kinship and connection.
Politics & Society News Analysis
September 16, 2021
The hosts of “Jesuitical,” Ashley McKinless and Zac Davis, discuss Pope Francis’ advice to bishops deciding whether or not to deny Communion to politicians who support abortion.
Faith Podcasts
June 25, 2021
If you're thinking about leaving, your feelings are valid. But the biggest thing you could do in response to this is go receive the Eucharist.
Faith Interviews
May 15, 2021
“Pope Francis is not only a Jesuit; he is a Christian. And discernment is part of Christianity. Discernment is an essential dimension of Christian life in all times.”
Faith Lent Reflections
March 01, 2021
We must ask ourselves: Is my ambition driven by the desire serve, or do I simply want a better seat at the table?
Faith Lent Reflections
March 01, 2021
Our list of sins may be long; but God’s forgiveness is limitless, and in today’s Gospel, he has given us the key to receiving his mercy: “Forgive and you will be forgiven.”
Faith Advent Reflections
December 15, 2020
A Reflection for the Third Tuesday of Advent
Faith Interviews
September 23, 2020
Bishop Barron on talking to atheists, young people and the Black Lives Matter Movement.
Politics & Society Editorials
August 06, 2020
Today we mark 75 years since the United States became the first nation in history to attack an enemy with an atomic bomb, leveling the city of Hiroshima and killing 140,000 people.
Faith Features
May 01, 2020
At Wyoming Catholic College, students study great books and the great outdoors.