The Rev. Terrance W. Klein is a priest of the Diocese of Dodge City and author of Vanity Faith.
The Good Word
April 12, 2012
Do you remember this scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry discovers that the diary he rsquo s found ldquo writes back to him rdquo Harry sat on his four-poster and flicked through the blank pages not one of which had a trace of scarlet ink on it Then he pulled a new bottle
The Good Word
April 07, 2012
Grandma and Grandpa Herrman had a storm cellar The small limestone-lined space was dug-out beneath their house but one entered it through a door in the backyard just as Dorothy tried unsuccessfully to do in The Wizard of Oz My numerous cousins and I spent a lot of time in our grandparents rsquo
The Good Word
April 06, 2012
From Rachel Aviv rsquo s January 2nd 2012 New Yorker article ldquo No Remorse rdquo Shortly after midnight on March 6 2010 Dakotah Eliason sat in a chair in his bedroom with a 38-calibre pistol in his hands thinking about what the world would be like if he didn rsquo t exist One of his fri
The Good Word
April 05, 2012
In grading college essays there are certain phrases that I pen so frequently in red ink that I rsquo ve considered having them put onto a rubber stamp to save myself from writing them repeatedly For example ldquo The relative pronoun for people is lsquo who rsquo or lsquo whom rsquo lsq
The Good Word
March 29, 2012
Because I was doing doctoral studies at the time I able to be home when my father died even able to stay a couple of weeks afterwards with my Mother So I was with her when those initial days of funeral preparation and its frenzied aftermath of calls and visits had passed Strange how family m
March 26, 2012

NBC's 'Smash' asks what it takes—in the lives of those who do it—to produce a Broadway musical.

The Good Word
March 22, 2012
His father had been a minister His grandfather as well So when he failed as an art dealer and began to reexamine his life it seemed clear to Vincent that God had a better plan for his life preaching the Gospel ldquo It is my fervent prayer and desire rdquo he told his brother ldquo that t
The Good Word
March 15, 2012
There rsquo s reason to believe that the primitive Church at least some congregations valued ministers who could make baptism into a near-death experience They held the head of the person being baptized under water long enough to induce loss of consciousness but not so long as to produce death i
The Good Word
March 08, 2012
Critics can rsquo t decide if Chad Harbach rsquo s The Art of Fielding is really a book about baseball There rsquo s a lot of ldquo other stuff rdquo going on in the novel But certainly in the character of Henry Skrimshander it offers a wonderful description of what it means to be consumed by A
The Good Word
March 01, 2012
It rsquo s difficult to imagine a biblical passage so well known and yet so utterly incomprehensible to modern readers as Abraham rsquo s near sacrifice of Isaac on Mount Moriah In this age of Tiger Moms and of parents whose lives revolve around their children what are we to make of a story in wh