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pope francis stands in a window gesturing and smiling with a red banner in front of him
The Associated Press
Pope Francis will travel to Portugal for World Youth Day in the first week of August and include a stop at the popular Marian shrine in Fatima, the Vatican confirmed.
a young man wearing a backpack stands in the back of a church
FaithYour Take
Our readers
Readers respond to Sherry Antonetti, who wrote about the challenges she faces as a mother when taking her teenagers to Mass. Many readers had similar experiences.
Justin McLellan – Catholic News Service
In a video message, Pope Francis told young people going to World Youth Day in August should consult their grandparents on how to prepare.
Teen girl sits alone in a church looking through a stained glass window
FaithFaith in Focus
Sherry Antonetti
I hope their belief will deepen. And I hope that my fellow Catholics in the pews will demonstrate that the wider church wants them there too.
a student from kolbe academy stands at the front door of the school which has a sign with the school's name on it
John W. Miller
Kolbe Academy in Bath, Pa., was the only Catholic recovery school in the United States. It is closing its doors because it could not find enough students like Pete, who said he had hit rock bottom and wanted to get sober.
a young man in shadow sits with his head in his hands in an empty hallway
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The Editors
The crisis for teens is both psychological and spiritual, and it demands a response from both mental health and faith communities. How do we make our church again a place of belonging for young people who are hurting?