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Politics & SocietyFaith in Focus
Valerie Schultz
Parents always think the world is going to hell in a hand basket, and their kids are the hapless passengers in the front. And parents are usually wrong, but not for the reasons they would think.
FaithShort Take
Peter McFadden
We should not expect pre-Cana to solve the marriage crisis. There are relationship habits that should be taught to our youth long before they contemplate a wedding.
A group of young adults draw on windows with markers
Religion News Service
This imaginary scene depicts the dreams of many Catholics: a church that welcomes LGBTQ people, allows women to be ordained and gives young Catholics a platform for their ideas.
FaithFaith in Focus
Joe Laramie, S.J.
I got lost in a maze of darkness and could not get out. Christ is like the great hero, rushing into the cold and dark to save us.
FaithFaith in Focus
Geoffrey Watson
What can the 21st-century educator offer his or her students in the wake of all the violence, anger and hate they see in the media?
the top point of a church with a cross at the top, with blue sky, all made of puzzle pieces that are slowly separated as you look left to right
FaithFaith in Focus
Matthew Buscarino
Church leaders need to reckon with the fact that many people my age don’t feel that they need the institutional church to help them live happy, spiritually fulfilling lives.