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A woman holds a sign as demonstrators gather Sept. 4, 2019, at the World Economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town during a protest against gender-based violence. (CNS photo/Sumaya Hisham, Reuters)
Politics & SocietyDispatches
Russell Pollitt, S.J.
Advocates for the protection of women charge that rape is systemic and endemic in South Africa. Police statistics confirm this: There are about 115 rapes per day, a level that is among the highest in the world.
FaithFaith in Focus
Ellen Kelly
Based on my personal experience, I have spent years trying to help women find healing, acceptance, reconciliation and hope after making one of the most excruciating and difficult decisions of their lives.
Arts & CultureBooks
Anna J. Marchese
Kaya Oakes offers reflections on what it means to live as a woman today. This meaning grappling with growing older in a society and a church that both continue to prize feminine youth, fecundity and docility above all else.
Demonstrators protest outside of the U.S. Supreme Court on May 3, 2022 in Washington. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)
Politics & SocietyShort Take
Calla Drembelas
We now live in a “shout your abortion” nation, and a message that crass will never be embraced in more conservative parts of the United States, nor should it be.
Politics & SocietyFaith in Focus
Maggi Van Dorn
In the aftermath of sexual trauma, making a woman’s body the site of a legal battle is traumatic itself.
A woman holds a sign reading “Women for Deacons” as Pope Francis leads his general audience in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican Nov. 6, 2019.
FaithFaith in Focus
Anna Keating
Many people who oppose the idea of women as deacons fear that the potential candidates aren’t faithful Catholics. That couldn’t be further from the truth.