Women Religious

The Editors February 22, 2019
Today more and more women religious are speaking up and demanding that the church hold abusers to account.
The largest association of religious sisters in the United States called Thursday for an overhaul of the male-led leadership structure of the Catholic Church.
Gerard O’Connell February 05, 2019
During a 45-minute press conference on the flight from Abu Dhabi to Rome, Pope Francis answered questions about whether the Holy See would be ready to act as a mediator to avoid a civil war in Venezuela, the problem of the sexual abuse of nuns by clergy in the Catholic Church and the humanitarian
Brian Strassburger, S.J. February 04, 2019
If your eyes drifted from the television seeking entertainment elsewhere (who could blame you?), you might have stumbled upon the most entertaining hashtag of the night: #SuperBowlintheConvent.
The Vatican's women's magazine is denouncing the sexual abuse of nuns by priests — and the resulting "scandal" of religious sisters having abortions or giving birth to children who are then not recognized by their fathers.
America Staff January 16, 2019

In 2016, Pope Francis gathered a commission to study the history of women deacons in the church. For the first time, Phyllis Zagano and Bernard Pottier, S.J., two members of the commission, speak about their life-long research on this topic.