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Drew Christiansen, S.J.November 20, 2017
James Comey is perhaps a better Niebuhrian than Niebuhr himself.
Pope Francis meets participants in the International symposium on a nuclear-weapons-free world, at the Vatican, Friday, Nov. 10, 2017. (L'Osservatore Romano/Pool Photo via AP)
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Drew Christiansen, S.J.November 17, 2017
Pope Francis’ condemnation of deterrence is a strong challenge to nuclear strategies of the superpowers, including the United States.
An army tanker blocks the main road to Parliament building on Nov. 15 in Harare, Zimbabwe. (CNS photo/Aaron Ufumeli, EPA)
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Mugabe's policies are widely blamed for Zimbabwe's economic decline over the past two decades. Millions of economic refugees have left the country, with most going to South Africa.
French soldiers in their trench somewhere on the Western Front. (Library of Congress/Wikipedia Commons)
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Matt Malone, S.J.November 16, 2017
What we see and how we see it largely depends on where we are standing. A shared sense of history, of what was, or might’ve been, or could be again, is the indispensable touchstone of our collective judgement, for memory is the soul of conscience.
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Melissa VidaNovember 14, 2017
Impunity on the Jesuit slayings in El Salvador has prevailed for nearly 30 years as many high-profile and incriminated individuals are still tied to power.
Sanctuary-city activist Felix Cepeda of New York City is seen during the first day of the U.S. bishops' fall general assembly in Baltimore on Nov. 13. He planned to pray and fast for the next three days in hopes the Catholic Church would offer its church properties as places of sanctuary to keep families intact if a family member faces deportation. (CNS photo/Rhina Guidos)
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As the U.S. bishops were beginning their fall assembly in Baltimore, also marking their 100th anniversary as a conference, a couple of nonviolent protesters gathered nearby.