War & Peace

This year, the Christian watchdog organization is highlighting the “rise of the surveillance state” and its impact on Christians and Muslims in China along with its 2019 World Watch List, released Wednesday (Jan. 15).
Scene from "The Trojan Women" at La MaMa Experimental Theater Club
Deniz Demirer January 17, 2020
Since 1975, a touring production of “The Trojan Women” staged by New York’s La MaMa Experimental Theater Club has played in more than 30 countries.
Catholic News Service January 16, 2020
The agreement signed on January 13 by the political leaders of South Sudan could bolster the chances of a papal visit to that conflict-ridden country.
Catholic News Service January 16, 2020
The Catholic Church in the Central African Republic are calling upon all political leaders to work toward more open democracy and government.
Zita Ballinger Fletcher January 14, 2020
Locating, identifying and burying these remains is no easy task and has been met with opposition for decades. Strong resentments are still present in countries whose people were victimized by the German army during World War II.
James Martin, S.J. January 13, 2020
What is the Catholic stance on war?