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Yonat Shimron - Religion News Service
“My neighborhood, my family and I have a right to live without a nuclear gun on hair-trigger alert held perpetually to our heads,” Colville told the judge.
Manillas are a historic form of money, made of European bronze and copper. Large quantities were produced for the Slave Trade (photo: iStock)
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Nicholas Misukanis
Perhaps this is the moment for President Biden to honor his campaign promise and begin a national discussion on our country’s tragic past.
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Gerard O’Connell
The message of Easter is not a mirage or a magic formula, Pope Francis said. But it does offer hope to a world suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic and many sources of conflict.
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James T. Keane
From 1846 to 1848, in the worst years of the potato famine in Ireland and during mass emigration to the United States, one of the toughest units of the Mexican armed forces battling the invaders from "El Norte" was the Saint Patrick Battalion, known in Mexico as the 'San Patricios.'
People hold candles as they take part in an anti-coup protest in Yangon, Myanmar, March 14, 2021. (CNS photo/Reuters)
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Kevin Clarke
With the Myanmar military taking a more direct role in efforts to suppress protests, the death toll rose quickly on Sunday.
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Robert Ellsberg
Even as a child she sensed that Africa was her destiny, the roots of her mission vocation found in a fourth-grade geography textbook that pictured giraffes loping across the plain