War & Peace

Peace, he insisted, is a gift that requires a human response and human effort.
Gerard O’Connell December 22, 2020
The United Nations General Assembly decided unanimously that Feb. 4 be observed each year as the International Day of Human Fraternity, starting in 2021.
Daniel Cosacchi December 17, 2020
Arthur Laffin, a longtime peace activist and practitioner of Gospel nonviolence, addresses the threat of nuclear war—and what should be done about it.
Martha Hennessy, a granddaughter of Dorothy Day, the founder of the Catholic Worker movement, was sentenced Friday (Nov. 13) to 10 months in prison for breaking into Kings Bay Naval Base in Georgia.
Sergio Lopez November 03, 2020
What role does religion have to play for a leader facing his darkest hours? In the midst of civil war, in the valley of despair, Abraham Lincoln grappled with this question.
Filipe Domingues October 29, 2020
“This war destabilized not only our region, but all of Mozambique,” said Luiz Fernando Lisboa, C.P., bishop of the Diocese of Pemba, the province’s capital. “The church’s role has been to help victims. But we must also speak out.”