War & Peace

For a population that has seen growing displacement, poverty, fighting and chaos over much of the past six years, it is a relief, Bishop Nongo-Aziagbia told Catholic News Service.
U.S. President Donald J. Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)Iranian Presidency Office via AP)
The Editors July 09, 2019
The Editors: The United States risks engaging in an unending financial war with Iran that could slip into a military one at the slightest provocation.
Woodrow Wilson, right, sought to implement his famous Fourteen Points at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. The French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau, second from right, viewed them as hopelessly idealistic. (Photo: Alamy)
Christopher Sandford June 14, 2019
The treaty’s offhand attitude toward the non-European world stirred up resentments that lingered for decades.
Catholic News Service June 07, 2019
Pope Francis praised Allied troops who took part in critical D-Day landings in France 75 years ago, while also remembering German soldiers who died fighting under Nazi orders.
On D-Day's 75th anniversary, Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio of the U.S. Archdiocese for the Military Services commemorates the soldiers who gave their lives.
Gerard O’Connell June 05, 2019
The fact that they are meeting for a third time shows that Putin considers Pope Francis an influential player and moral authority on the global stage.