War & Peace

Kevin Spinale October 04, 2018
Alan Jacobs’s new book is a collage of the intellectual considerations of five thinkers who, in their experience of the violence of World War II and their revulsion at the fascism that fueled it, contemplate the nature of education and its renewal after the anticipated Allied victory.
Mark Sullivan October 04, 2018
The story of Kerry’s faith journey is among the most evocative parts of the new memoir by the former Democratic presidential candidate and secretary of state.
Rev. Edwin Román Calderón (photo by Jan-Albert Hootsen)
Jan-Albert Hootsen September 07, 2018
The 58-year-old priest and his small parish were caught in the middle of the fighting, ultimately becoming another target of government forces.
Nicholas D. Sawicki September 07, 2018
Facing the reality of a defunded and sorely understaffed State Department and with the growing presence of active and retired military personnel in policy-making processes in an increasingly complicated global community, this book raises an important question: What hope is there for the future of
Catholic News Service September 05, 2018
Myanmar's military continues to persecute ethnic Kachin, the predominant Christian group in a conflict-torn part of the country, as well as Rohingya Muslims, said Cardinal Charles Maung Bo of Yangon, Myanmar.
A year after Pope Francis urged Colombians to build unity and a nation for all after more than half a century of conflict, the country's Catholic Church continues to play a key role in the quest for reconciliation.