War & Peace

Gerard O’Connell February 25, 2018
February has been one of the most violent months in the seven years of conflict.
While reiterating that the killings must stop, the bishops warned that the leaders did not know how to make peace, were confused, traumatized and feared peace.
Catholic News Service February 21, 2018
The bishops condemned the "bloody violence" used by government security forces to suppress marches by mostly Catholic protesters on Dec. 31 and Jan. 21
Syrian refugee children play at Zaatari refugee camp Feb. 12 in Jordan. (CNS photo/Muhammad Hamed, Reuters)
As Syria's war soon enters its eighth year, the conflict is escalating in the country's north, between Turkey and the Kurds, and in the south, between Iran and Israel. 
Political unrest in and around the capital, Kinshasa, is just the latest malady to afflict the Congolese citizens.
Kevin Clarke February 06, 2018
Bishop Kang believes the upcoming Winter Olympics in Korea and the surprise decision of officials in the North to allow North Korean athletes to participate offers a small opening for progress.