Virgin Mary

Terrance Klein January 01, 2019
If, so often, the sad fate of women is to bear what men have wrought, Mary does this like no other.
The vigil Mass on Saturday evening is not a "two-for-one" Mass for both days.
Edward W. Schmidt, S.J. December 05, 2018
Miracles surround us; burning bushes keep revealing the Lord’s work. But we need to stop and notice.
Patrick Gallagher November 30, 2018
Is it conceit or coincidence that a saint who was conceived without sin is the patron of a country that believes the same about itself?
Vanessa R. Corcoran November 30, 2018
Fewer than 200 words are attributed to Mary in Scripture, but those words have inspired innumerable prayers, hymns, sermons and other devotional practices, perhaps none more than her words at the Annunciation.
Jordan Denari Duffner October 24, 2018
Two timely texts can help elevate our thinking and improve the ways we relate to our Muslim brothers and sisters.