Sam Sawyer, S.J. November 12, 2020
The failures detailed in the McCarrick report are not just tragic accidents but the predictable outcome of the incentives and attitudes that have shaped the hierarchy of the Catholic Church.
America Video November 11, 2020

Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick sexually abused seminarians and minors for decades—all while being promoted through the church’s ranks at a remarkable speed. On November 10, 2020, the Vatican released an unprecedented, 400-page report on how that happened.

Michael J. O’Loughlin November 11, 2020
The report shoots down many of Archbishop Vigano’s most explosive claims. But Pope Francis was not exactly proactive in his approach to the ‘allegations and rumors’ surrounding Theodore McCarrick.
A timeline of the key moments that led to the rise and fall of Theodore McCarrick
Inside the Vatican November 11, 2020
In this deep dive episode of “Inside the Vatican,” America’s Vatican correspondent Gerard O’Connell and producer Colleen Dulle explain the rise and fall of Theodore McCarrick, once the most prominent prelate in the U.S. Catholic church.
Colleen Dulle November 10, 2020
Today, the Vatican released an unprecedented, 400-page report on who exactly knew how much about McCarrick’s misconduct and how he was able to rise through the ranks.