Gerard O’Connell December 16, 2019
Francis had decided to present Father Fiorito’s writings in the Jesuit Curia as “a way to express my gratitude for all that the Society [of Jesus] has given me and done for me.”
Associated Press December 16, 2019
Archbishop Pierbattista Pizzaballa said he wanted to bring some holiday cheer to Gaza's Christians because it remains unclear whether they will be able to travel to Bethlehem in the West Bank for the holiday.
The Christmas season is a time to reflect on what life is all about, Pope Francis told an international group of performers.
Gerard O’Connell December 13, 2019
On this 50th anniversary of his priesthood, Francis, who now sees himself as “the world’s parish priest,” continued working as usual with a long series of audiences in the morning, including singers and musicians who will perform in the annual Vatican concert for Christmas.
Colleen Dulle, James T. Keane December 12, 2019
What is Peter's Pence and how is it used?
Colleen Dulle December 11, 2019
On "Inside the Vatican," the hosts talk about what Cardinal Tagle will bring to his new position.