Catholic bishops and diocesan tribunals are making steady progress in implementing Pope Francis' reforms to make the annulment process quicker, but it is taking longer to achieve the pope's goal of making the process less expensive for couples.
Pope Francis greets the crowd as he arrives for his general audience in the San Damaso courtyard at the Vatican Sept. 16, 2020. (CNS photo/Vatican Media)
Gerard O’Connell September 17, 2020
Mara Grassi told Pope Francis, “We wish to create a bridge to the church so that the church too can change its way of looking at our children, no longer excluding them but fully welcoming them.”
Gerard O’Connell September 16, 2020
“Fratelli tutti,” the title of Pope Francis’s new encyclical is to be understood as including both men and women, the Vatican stated today in a front-page editorial in L’Osservatore Romano, its daily newspaper, headlined “an encyclical for all brothers and sisters.”
Inside the Vatican September 16, 2020
Veteran Vatican correspondent Gerard O’Connell joins host Colleen Dulle to unpack the protests Pope Francis has his eye on, from Greece to Belarus to Hong Kong and the United States.
Gerard O’Connell September 15, 2020
Vatican officials have publicly defended the agreement with enthusiasm. Privately, they are more sober in their analysis.
Gerard O’Connell September 13, 2020
Pope Francis called on protestors to express their demands “peacefully” and appealed to government leaders to meet their "just aspirations."