US Politics

Wyatt Massey December 05, 2016
“We’re trying to do something for our nation,” says Taylor Charging Crow. “We’re risking our lives. We’re risking our families.”
Terrance Klein December 05, 2016
A crucified God is not the status quo, and it is isn’t made into the acceptable, the intellectually palatable, by the proclamation of the resurrection.
The decision is a victory for the several thousand camped near the construction site.
Kevin Clarke November 30, 2016
Authorities today were still trying to ascertain a motive for the attack.
The Lakota prayer over water has become a rallying cry in the mass action to prevent the construction of a crude oil pipeline near their reservation.
Kevin Clarke November 28, 2016
The campaign is demanding better pay, beginning with a hike of the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. It is currently a paltry $7.25 and has not budged in seven years.