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“Scandal” is a word often heard used in recent months by U.S. bishops regarding the best ways to provide pastoral care and communicate authentic church teaching to pro-choice politicians who identify as Catholic.
Michael J. O’Loughlin
When U.S. bishops meet virtually next week, most eyes will be focused on a controversial vote related to the Eucharist that some fear politicizes Communion by taking aim at the nation’s second Catholic president.
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And three other ways they can improve their Catholic voting guide before the next election.
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Videos posted by LifeFunder feature Father Altman railing against the Catholic hierarchy, calling bishops who don’t support him “cowards” and a “brood of vipers,” and labeling liberals “left-wing fascist Nazis.”
St. John Neumann Church, in Reston, Va., is typical of suburban parishes in the United States—many of which are required to maintain large parking areas by local zoning laws. (Addison Del Mastro)
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Supersized suburban churches may have no choice but to pour acres of asphalt but there are still ways to use that land more productively.
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The number is dropping, mirroring trends seen in religious life and the priesthood for the past half-century.