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Politics & SocietyNews
Jill Lawless - Associated Press
Despite deep political fractures surrounding the issue, the British Parliament passed a bill which would halt most prosecutions for killings by militant groups and British soldiers during the Troubles.
Politics & SocietyNews
Simon Caldwell - OSV News
A U.K. woman was sentenced to 28 months imprisonment for having an abortion when she was 32-34 weeks pregnant, whose jailing was supported by an English Catholic bishop.
Arts & CultureBooks
James T. Keane
Martin Amis leaves behind a remarkable corpus of fiction, essays and memoir—even if he could be eminently dislikable.
FaithVantage Point
Douglas Hyde
The coronation of a British monarch is a ceremony that at several points bears a marked resemblance to the consecration of a bishop and which, in its essence and most of its origins, is essentially Catholic.
Arts & CultureBooks
A new study exploring the relationship between religion and the English monarchy by Catherine Pepinster explores the impact Elizabeth II and the monarchs that preceded her have had on the Church of England as well as on other faith traditions in their realm.
Politics & SocietyDispatches
Kevin Hargaden
Sidestepping reservations individual party members must have about being associated with the pomp and ceremony of a very anti-republican spectacle, Sinn Féin hopes to demonstrate diplomatic gravitas and a mature capacity to lead all Ireland.