Nicole-Ann Lobo October 23, 2020
“Selling Sunset” paints an unapologetic portrait of our brutal capitalist culture.
Jim McDermott October 16, 2020
‘The Boys’ gleefully satirizes every aspect of superhero movies by showing how corrupt all-powerful beings would be if they existed in the real world.
Photo: IMDB
Vivian Cabrera October 09, 2020
Every episode of “Schitt’s Creek” comes with guaranteed fits of laughter as the Roses learn what it means to embrace their own brand of “normal” in a strangely normal town.
America Staff September 03, 2020
When off-the-clock, chances are we're enjoying a really good show.
Courtney Vance, Jonathan Major and Jurnee Smollett in ‘Lovecraft Country’ (phoot: HBO)
Jim McDermott August 25, 2020
Placing three Black characters at the center of a new TV series yields fresh, unexpected turns.
Photo: Netflix
Mike Seay July 17, 2020
I was caught off guard by the show’s artistic experimentation, nuanced spiritual message and deeply moving season finale.