photo: Alfredo Capozzi/HBO
Jose Solís November 15, 2019
Despite its apparent irreverence, the Maradonian Church mimics Catholic structures and echoes the Ignatian intention of finding God in all things.
Wendy Crosby November 01, 2019
The central religious message of "Good Omens" is a lighthearted critique of Christians who claim faith in a providential God, a God with a plan, but whose plan is utterly incomprehensible.
Jim McDermott October 11, 2019
A story about a patriarch who keeps humiliating his children.
Workers from China are eager to show that a Chinese factory can prosper in the United States in ‘American Factory’ (photo: Netflix).
Vincent J. Miller October 04, 2019
The Netflix film offers a stunning degree of intimacy through the startup of a factory once run by General Motors.
Isabelle Senechal September 27, 2019
“The Good Class" is a unique hybrid course of philosophy and film studies at the University of Notre Dame.
Nick Ripatrazone September 20, 2019
It is a great set up for a television series—and yes, the comparisons to Scully and Mulder are warranted.