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Patrick R. Manning
How do believers "make God real"? And what effect do these beliefs and practices have on their lives? A new book by T.M. Luhrmann asks these questions and more.
FaithFaith and Reason
Patrick Kelly
Ignatian discernment might help our contemporary leaders see where they are being falsely led and where the truth might be.
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Daniel Burke
The best essays in 'The God Beat' are quietly reflective, deeply informed, subjective but not solipsistic.
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James T. KeaneJoe Hoover, S.J.
Did the singer-songwriter era come about specifically to fill a demand by retreat directors for a poignant soundtrack to accompany the spiritual epiphanies of 16-year-olds?
FaithFaith and Reason
Charles C. CamosyDavid McPherson
An authentically Catholic consistent life ethic means treating prenatal children as the equivalent of every other human being.
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Zac Davis
With his debut novel, Phil Klay lays out our country's new way of waging war, without clear beginnings, middles or ends and without clear moral goods and evils.