Kirsty Jane Falconer May 29, 2020
How can Christian faith be made sensible to our contemporaries?
Bernard G. Prusak May 28, 2020
The ethical problem with talking about ‘expected life years’
Philip C. Kolin May 15, 2020
Paul Mariani’s poems ask, “Does God know us only by the names our parents gave us?,” another reminder of how the human and eternal meet.
Angelo Jesus Canta May 15, 2020
In a collection of nine essays, Jia Tolentino writes about a range of topics, including the advent of our internet culture, the modern wedding industry, megachurch evangelical Christianity, market-driven feminism and college rape culture.
Mara Brecht May 15, 2020
In the coronavirus epidemic, Catholic educators have a real-world laboratory to evaluate how they make practical the too-often merely conceptual talk about Catholic identity. Do current pedagogies give students what we say they will—a truly distinctive way of being, a way of knowing and a way of
Rachel Lu May 15, 2020
In a troubled time in our nation's history, can we unite around shared commitments to freedom, human dignity and truth?