Michael Baxter January 26, 2021
As we give thanks for John Courtney Murray, S.J., we should probably temper our gratitude and be mindful that “the Murray project,” as it is sometimes called, brings with it some caveats.
Barton T. Geger, S.J. January 21, 2021
Saint Ignatius was opposed to women Jesuits for reasons that were cultural, practical and canonical, but other Jesuits were not. The question was a hot topic in the early Society.
Molly Cahill December 24, 2020
“Our bodies are mortal, but our soul is, by its nature, immortal and created to spend eternity with God,” says Dawn Eden Goldstein.
Michael C. McCarthy, S.J. December 17, 2020
David Tracy's two-columns collection of previously published essays present a compelling argument for the value of theology in today's troubled world.
Kirsty Jane Falconer December 17, 2020
Anglican theologian and biblical scholar N. T. Wright argues that the only way to real understanding is the revelation of God in Jesus Christ.
James T. Keane December 09, 2020
Scientific advances have allowed enormous breakthroughs in overcoming infertility—but not without some vexing ethical questions.