Renée Darline Roden July 12, 2019
Pete Holmes discovers a new meaning to Christ’s words “Go and do likewise,” not as a moralistic command, but as a call to an awakening, a conversion, the practice Catholic tradition calls the “imitation of Christ.”
Nichole M. Flores July 12, 2019
Today’s public theologians can be found working alongside the most vulnerable members of society, contributing their deep understanding of Scripture, theology, history, ethics, liturgy and ministry in the real lives of communities.
Gerard O’Connell June 21, 2019
Francis emphasized the need for “theological freedom” and said that “without the possibility of experimenting new ways nothing new is created, and one does not leave space to the newness of the Spirit of the Risen One.”
Bibles on a shelf
Joseph McAuley June 14, 2019
A devotee of the opera, Brown eagerly gave tickets to his students, hoping to get them totally immersed in the arias he loved.
Anthea Butler June 08, 2019
James Cone's autobiography shows that theology does not arrive out of a sterile doctrinal laboratory but from the pains, sufferings and triumphs of the people of God.
Terrance Klein May 02, 2019
In the resurrection accounts, we are being taught that Christ is present in every celebration of the Eucharist. Christ gathers all of time into himself.