Corey Hawkins as Benny and Leslie Grace as Nina in “In the Heights” (photo: Warner Brothers)
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John Anderson
The new movie version of “In the Heights,” directed by John M. Chu (“Crazy Rich Asians”), will be a must-see for fans of “Hamilton.”
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Rob Weinert-Kendt
The highest tribute I can offer this biography is that it is not unlike a Nichols film itself: incisive, dense with detail yet somehow brisk.
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Will Arbery’s 2019 play “Heroes of the Fourth Turning” was praised by viewers from across the political spectrum for its nuanced depiction of Catholic conservatives in the Trump era.
Photo of Will Arbery, upper left, and “Heroes of the Fourth Turning,” upper right, courtesy Playwrights Horizon. Bottom photo: Catholic News Service
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Rob Weinert-Kendt
“There’s a war coming, dude,” says one character to another in “Heroes of the Fourth Turning.” Was she right?
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Isabelle Senechal
It is a story made possible by young people’s collective efforts to find some creative solace during Covid-19.
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Elana Schor, Associated PressAndrew Welsh-Huggins, Associated Press
Against the backdrop of a pandemic’s blight and wounds from an acrimonious election, a group of acclaimed actors on Sunday staged an online reading of a religious text with remarkable relevance to the current moment: the Book of Job.