Photo By Matthew Murphy
Rob Weinert-Kendt May 04, 2018
“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” is both a sequel to Rowling’s iconic seven-book series and a canny rehash of many of its tropes.
Rob Weinert-Kendt April 26, 2018
A blockbuster exhibition profiles one of the 20th century's great bridge figures.
Rob Weinert-Kendt April 02, 2018
There is simply no ignoring the elemental power of seeing Jesus’ depicted, earnestly and largely reverently, on national TV.
Beth Malone and Andrew Garfield in ‘Perestroika,’ part 2 of ‘Angels in America’ (photo: Brinkhoff Mögenburg) 
Rob Weinert-Kendt March 27, 2018
Tony Kushner’s two-part play feels both timely and timeless.
Photo of Arthur Miller courtesy HBO
Rob Weinert-Kendt March 14, 2018
Rebecca Miller has made a film that pays complicated tribute to a complex man.
Roslyn Ruff and Jimonn Cole in ‘X: Or, Betty Shabazz v. The Nation’ (photo: T. Charles Erickson)
Rob Weinert-Kendt January 26, 2018
But was the civil rights leader Brutus or Caesar?