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FaithFaith and Reason
Laurie Johnston
The great danger of artificial intelligence is not that it is ineffective. It can also perform quite effectively. In fact, it is already transforming modern warfare.
Frances D'Emilio - Associated Press
Friar Paolo Benanti is the Vatican's go-to person on A.I. technology, and he has the ear of Pope Francis as well as some of Silicon Valley's top engineers and executives.
FaithShort Take
Charles C. Camosy
Our consumerist throwaway culture has severe and palpable noneconomic effects, driving the resort to abortion, assisted suicide, and even the way we treat animals in factory farms.
Carol Glatz - Catholic News Service
The huge advances in new information technologies, the pope said, “offer exciting opportunities and grave risks, with serious implications for the pursuit of justice and harmony among peoples.”
Charles C. CamosyJoe Vukov
With new technology that aims to manufacture a human embryo without sperm or egg, are scientists coming too close to playing God?
Politics & SocietyNews
Justin McLellan – Catholic News Service
Signaling the Vatican’s growing engagement in efforts to ensure the ethical development of new technologies, the Vatican has announced that “Artificial Intelligence and Peace” will be the theme for the next World Day of Peace.