Michael McKinley June 14, 2019
Bitcoin has value because people believe in it and evangelize it, and the more that value increases, the more incentive there is to evangelize it.
The Marquette students are part of a growing movement of tech sector professionals, religious leaders and Silicon Valley workers wrestling with profound questions about whether future technologies will be used for good or evil.
Matt Malone, S.J. May 17, 2019
Social media, in other words, often deepens existing ideological and partisan divisions by reinforcing only those viewpoints with which we are already most inclined to agree, writes Matt Malone, SJ, in his latest column.
A journalist takes a cell phone photo of Pope Francis Jan. 23, 2019, aboard his flight from Rome to Panama for World Youth Day. (CNS photo/Vatican Media)
"When you become a slave to your phone, you lose your freedom," Pope Francis said.
“You cannot evangelize to people who are hungry, who are dying, who are not getting an education.”
Thomas More Garrett March 22, 2019
Kickstarter is one of a small but growing number of entities, known as “benefit corporations” or “public benefit corporations,” that are ushering in a new approach to business.