Warren von Eschenbach February 20, 2019
Our society—and our economy—depends on trust for its very survival. So what do we do when cries of “fake news” erode our willingness to believe each other?
The president of Microsoft, Brad Smith, told Pope Francis that a "human voice" was needed to speak up in the world of technology today.
Peter Fleming February 08, 2019
In the age of “Hot Desks” and “Hoteling,” we need to look to Jesus, the great sitter.
Matt Malone, S.J. February 08, 2019
We must see new technologies as opportunities for evangelization and solidarity rather than scary, bewildering forces that can only pull us apart.
Our readers February 08, 2019
Our readers ranked interpersonal relationships as the area of their lives most positively and negatively affected by social media.
Cell phones say: “You are not worthy of my time or attention.” (iStock/gorodenkoff)
Ryan Duns, S.J. January 25, 2019
A theology professor decides there is no other option: Cell phones are incompatible with spiritual reflection.