During a conference held in the Vatican on Sept. 27 on "The Common Good in the Digital Age," Pope Francis told delegates that there is a need to search for ways for society to deal with the challenges of the digital age.
Jesuitical September 27, 2019
A conversation with Rep. Ro Khanna of California’s 17th District
Kevin O'Brien July 31, 2019
“Move fast and break things” has been a guiding principle for Silicon Valley, writes Santa Clara University President Kevin O’Brien, but Ignatian discernment can help innovators foresee negative consequences.
James T. Keane July 10, 2019
The November 1967 issue of Liturgical Arts presented architectural drawings, conceptual essays and theological reflections on the topic “A Chapel on the Moon: 2000 A.D.”
Libby Osgood July 09, 2019
I have learned that belief is not unique to those who consider themselves religious.
Antonio De Loera-Brust July 02, 2019
If the frontier of the U.S.-Mexico border represents the America that would exclude me, space is the frontier that invites me.