Holly Taylor Coolman July 13, 2018
It is not simply children whom we seek to design but our own selves.
Pope Francis waves as he rides away in a Fiat after a short arrival ceremony on the airfield at Joint Base Andrews outside Washington Sept. 22, 2015. (CNS photo/Jonathan Ernst, Reuters)
Brian Brennan July 06, 2018
The protection of human life is paramount in Catholic teaching, and it is the greatest argument for autonomous driving technology.
The blue flight suit bears the pope's name, a pair of angel wings, and a short white cape.
The pope’s message in Davos was one of a spate of recent Catholic discussions of a technology that is rapidly making its way into our everyday lives, in virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, the phones in our pockets and, soon enough, in self-driving cars.
Michael J. O’Loughlin April 06, 2018
Many described technology as something of a necessary evil.
Jim McDermott April 05, 2018
Now a cybersecurity consultant, Dr. Paul Twomey is alarmed by the disregard for ethics in Silicon Valley and calls for the church to advocate for core values.