Nathan Schneider March 14, 2018
The Vatican just held a hackathon. Take a moment to recover from the shock.
The Rev. Tom Reese with his Amazon Echo. Photo by Tom Reese/RNS. 
Thomas J. Reese February 05, 2018
A Catholic priest should not have a woman in his bedroom at night, but I have become quite dependent on Alexa.
Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry December 13, 2017
The church was once the world's greatest engine of innovation...and should be again.
Demonstrators join a "protect net neutrality" rally in San Francisco in September 2017. Photo courtesy of wikicommons.
Kevin Clarke November 28, 2017
Bishop Coyne urged the retention of the current open internet policies in the wake of a FCC draft proposal that would repeal those protections.
Gerard O’Connell November 20, 2017
“Not everything that is technically possible or feasible is therefore ethically acceptable.”
Paul D. McNelis, S.J. October 31, 2017
A cyber-destruction of Bitcoin deposits would trigger far-reaching consequences, beyond the realm of the Bitcoin world.