The pope’s message in Davos was one of a spate of recent Catholic discussions of a technology that is rapidly making its way into our everyday lives, in virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, the phones in our pockets and, soon enough, in self-driving cars.
Michael J. O’Loughlin April 06, 2018
Many described technology as something of a necessary evil.
Jim McDermott April 05, 2018
Now a cybersecurity consultant, Dr. Paul Twomey is alarmed by the disregard for ethics in Silicon Valley and calls for the church to advocate for core values.
Nathan Schneider March 14, 2018
The Vatican just held a hackathon. Take a moment to recover from the shock.
The Rev. Tom Reese with his Amazon Echo. Photo by Tom Reese/RNS. 
Thomas J. Reese February 05, 2018
A Catholic priest should not have a woman in his bedroom at night, but I have become quite dependent on Alexa.
Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry December 13, 2017
The church was once the world's greatest engine of innovation...and should be again.