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Sarah Burnett — Associated Press
Asked Thursday if there have been times when he had to resolve legal questions that conflict with his Catholic faith, Thomas said it has not been a problem for him.
Bishop John J. Lopes, the keynote speaker at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, pictured in 2016.
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Kurt Jensen - Catholic News Service
This year’s National Catholic Prayer Breakfast had no political speakers and only a small political contingent in attendance, and there was little mention of an upcoming Supreme Court case involving a Mississippi abortion ban.
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Carol Zimmermann - Catholic News Service
The Supreme Court announced Aug. 12 that it will not hear an appeal from a group of students at Indiana University who are opposed to the university’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate.
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Jessica Gresko—Associated Press
The Supreme Court ruled that the city of Philadelphia violated the Constitution by limiting its relationship with a Catholic foster care agency over the group's refusal to certify same-sex couples as foster parents.
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Charles C. Camosy
Under scrutiny is Mississippi’s statute protecting most prenatal children beyond 15 weeks of gestation.
An abortion opponent outside the Jackson Womens Health Organization clinic in Jackson, Miss., on Oct. 2, 2019. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis, File)
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Charles C. Camosy
The Supreme Court has put abortion back at the forefront of national debate, writes Charles C. Camosy, but public opinion on the issue may not be what you've been told it is.