photo: Alfredo Capozzi/HBO
Jose Solís November 15, 2019
Despite its apparent irreverence, the Maradonian Church mimics Catholic structures and echoes the Ignatian intention of finding God in all things.
Rachel Lu November 01, 2019
What has football contributed to American Catholicism? What has Catholicism contributed to American football? For Catholics, it is particularly worth revisiting Notre Dame’s unique story.
Vivian Cabrera October 25, 2019
The Houston Astros may be down one game in the World Series, but America assistant editor Vivian Cabrera is a true believer.
Dominic Lynch October 24, 2019
What makes a good baseball stadium? One that blends well into its urban fabric, creates intimate experiences and is architecturally pleasing.
Pope Francis, tweeting about the new saints he recognized Oct. 13, inadvertently used a hashtag connected to the New Orleans Saints football team. But fans appreciated it, as did the team. (CNS photo)
A hashtag mix-up caused a papal tweet meant to give thanks for the Catholic Church's newest saints to be read as Pope Francis showing support for the New Orleans Saints' football team.
Megan Rapinoe and Rose Lavelle of the U.S. celebrate being awarded the golden ball and bronze ball after winning the FIFA Women's World Cup in Lyon, France, July 7, 2019. Lavelle is a graduate of Mount Notre Dame High School in Reading, Ohio. (CNS photo/Bernadett Szabo, Reuters)
Lavelle’s high school, Mount Notre Dame, spent the days before the final excitedly cheering her on via Twitter.