Alyssa Nakken became the first woman to appear in uniform on the field during a major league baseball game when she coached first base in the late innings of an exhibition game between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics.
Camden Minacci (photo: Pete Young - Jesuit High School Tampa)
Sean Salai, S.J. July 09, 2020
A conversation with Jesuit High School Tampa graduate Camden Minacci.
J.D. Long-García June 23, 2020
This year, pitchers will not hit—not in the American League nor in the National League. Experts speculate this will lead to a permanent change in baseball.
Zac Davis May 19, 2020
“The Last Dance” is not documentary but hagiography. Many commentators mean this as a criticism, but here is the thing: Hagiographies are important—and compelling.
The Italian bishops' conference are trying to find ways to provide needed care and programs for children and adolescents during the pandemic.
James T. Keane May 01, 2020
How is the modern game of baseball played, and what is expected? How does it differ from past generations of players?