Nathan W. O'Halloran, S.J. February 18, 2019
Many people object to anyone, much less a Catholic priest, engaging in what they see as recreational violence.
Brian Strassburger, S.J. February 04, 2019
If your eyes drifted from the television seeking entertainment elsewhere (who could blame you?), you might have stumbled upon the most entertaining hashtag of the night: #SuperBowlintheConvent.
Brandon Sanchez January 31, 2019
When I was 19 years old, a production company paid me to attend the Super Bowl.
Emma Winters January 11, 2019
Sagal knows what it is to run away from problems, to need to be needed, and how much can be achieved through stubborn persistence.
Nathan W. O'Halloran, S.J. December 28, 2018
Notre Dame is proud of its slogan: “God, Country, Notre Dame” (in that order). But the ease with which the punctuation slides into “God Country: Notre Dame” has a lot to do with football.
Tom Deignan November 30, 2018
Jane Leavy chronicles Babe Ruth’s life and times, with a heavy emphasis not only on the culture Ruth played in, but the ways he radically altered that culture, with the help of his visionary agent Christy Walsh.