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Nicholas K. Geranios - Associated Press
Former Washington State football coach Nick Rolovich’s termination for refusing to get a Covid-19 vaccination was unlawful and an attack on his Catholic faith, his attorney said Wednesday.
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Kevin Jackson
Kyrie Irving had no chance to convince us that he was a neutral party in the vaccine debate because the style of his speech would not allow it.
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Marie Glancy O’Shea
Both the heroes and villains of “Ted Lasso” remain quite ordinary. And it is the show’s portrayal of that daily reckoning with good and evil, those small temptations, that make it easy to relate to.
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James T. Keane
Yes, the Fighting Irish are undefeated. Yes, they have beaten several very good teams. Yes, their opponent this weekend, Cincinnati, is the only currently nationally-ranked team left on their schedule. Who are we kidding? Notre Dame is doomed.
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Clayton Trutor
A diverse cadre of authors and publishers have produced notable books about sports and Catholicism over the last 10 years. Here are some of the best.
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John W. Miller
For as long as “it has existed as an organized sport, baseball has been telling weird lies about where it came from," writes Thomas W. Gilbert in a new book on baseball's origins.