Social Media

Emma Winters November 27, 2018
Often Instagram poets want to tell the lesson in their writing rather than simply show the reader through sights, sounds, smells, touches and tastes of their lives and stories.
The theme is a call for "reflection on the current state and nature of relationships on the internet, starting from the idea of community as a network between people in their wholeness," the Vatican said.
Terrance Klein September 26, 2018
Our separation from others begins within the human heart.
Matt Malone, S.J. August 08, 2018
Why we publish opinions you probably won't agree with.
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Jim McDermott July 24, 2018
A good newsletter is like a message in a bottle, a voice that cuts through the noise.
The New Age spiritual guru Adi Da in 1986 (Wikipedia)
Ashley McKinless June 29, 2018
In “Dear Franklin Jones,” Jonathan Hirsch sets out to answer some questions about his family.