Social Media

James T. Keane October 22, 2020
Twitter users swapped "pope memes" last week using digitally altered images of Pope Francis celebrating the Eucharist. Was it harmless fun or sacrilege?
Marcus Mescher October 18, 2020
The church needs to pay more attention to the moral impact of screens on our identity, agency and relationships.
Simcha Fisher October 15, 2020
When I am always angry and distraught, it is harder to be a good wife, mother, writer, Christian. The full throttle news life makes me a worse person, and it’s voluntary.
Sean Salai, S.J. October 06, 2020
Bishop Robert Barron raises concerns about the way that Catholics conduct themselves on social media and gives some suggestions for how they might better embody Christ online.
Ryan Di Corpo July 27, 2020
An alumnus of the University of Notre Dame, where his funeral service will be held, Philbin lived a life informed by his Catholic faith.
St. Michael Cathedral Basilica in downtown Toronto (iStock)
Kevin Clarke July 17, 2020
Church officials had been in regular conversation with Toronto and Ontario officials and received enthusiastic approval of the plan the diocese put in motion to reopen churches and restore Communion at Mass.