Social Media

Sam Sawyer, S.J. February 07, 2020
The last time Father Malone left this column in my care (4/3/17), I made an argument for reading the long form of the Gospel when the Lectionary gives us that option. Today I’m going to make an even more shocking reading recommendation: You should read the comments.
Terrance Klein January 08, 2020
We are not angels. We cannot be spiritual without being religious. Why? Because we cannot be human without rituals.
Vivian Cabrera December 27, 2019
Green’s novel gives a firsthand account of what it is like when a person becomes a brand, when one’s every thought, word and move is scripted, scheduled and scrutinized, ready to be devoured by an audience always demanding more.
Jonathan Malesic November 23, 2019
JesusOfNaz316 mixes brief prayers with light humor and punchy political jeremiads.
Terrance Klein November 13, 2019
We have every reason to be worried and fearful of the modern world, but it is not the spirit of Christ that inflames us with odium.
Jaron Lanier (photo: Peter Steffen/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images)
Santiago Ramos October 25, 2019
In his latest book, Lanier argues that all forms of social media treat human beings as if they were basically a bundle of nerve endings.