Social Media

This week’s social media engagement was an experiment, but Connie Poulos said she feels like it has been a success.
America This Week May 22, 2019
This week's episode is the series finale of America This Week!
Matt Malone, S.J. May 17, 2019
Social media, in other words, often deepens existing ideological and partisan divisions by reinforcing only those viewpoints with which we are already most inclined to agree, writes Matt Malone, SJ, in his latest column.
Young pro-life advocates from St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Perryville, Mo., participate in the 46th annual March for Life on Jan. 18 in Washington. (CNS photo/Gregory A. Shemitz)
Kevin Clarke April 26, 2019
Coming so soon after the suspension of the Twitter account for the anti-abortion film “Unplanned,” the suspension raised some eyebrows in the Twitterverse.
Our readers February 08, 2019
Our readers ranked interpersonal relationships as the area of their lives most positively and negatively affected by social media.
Jim McDermott February 01, 2019
Hopepunk insists there are streams of life-giving water all around us—stories, people and experiences to which we can still turn for inspiration and renewal.