Social Justice

Tinamarie Stolz April 17, 2019
The lesson I take from Jesus’ washing of the feet is this: I do not decide which lives have value and dignity; God does.
Richard A. Blake April 16, 2019
From 1977: How Catholic journals covered the perilous journey of Jack and Jill up that treacherous hill in 1977.
Catholic News Service April 15, 2019
The fee would be $27.20 per semester and the figure represents the 1838 sale of 272 enslaved individuals by the Maryland province of the Society of Jesus province for the benefit of Georgetown University.
Social entrepreneurship programs, including those that promote sustainable agriculture, can benefit from the principles of the Spiritual Exercises. (iStock)
Thane Kreiner March 28, 2019
Social entrepreneurs are ideally situated to help manifest the Jesuit mission to end poverty and protect the planet, writes the director of a training and mentorship center at Santa Clara University.
Asking the question about access to universities overlooks the painful truth that the entire journey of education is profoundly challenging for the poor and people of color.
A woman receives ashes on Feb. 14, 2018, at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. (CNS photo/Adrees Latif, Reuters) 
Brianne Jacobs March 05, 2019
Even the holiest people are complicit in social sin; we benefit from injustices that we do not control. Yet we still have the freedom to seek God’s grace.