Social Justice

Julie Schumacher Cohen December 03, 2019
Dialogue in politics is increasingly rare and needed more than ever.
The basis of the index's measurement is the United Nations' Human Development Report
The Bon Secours Volunteer Ministry is one of the many programs affiliated with the Catholic Volunteer Network. (Photo courtesy of Catholic Volunteer Network.)
Ian Peoples November 15, 2019
Where can you go? How much does it pay (or cost) to volunteer?
America Films November 12, 2019
Watch talks by James Martin, S.J., Sr. Peggy O'Neill and more here.
Nicholas Farnham November 07, 2019
The testimonies in Susan Celia Greenfield’s new book suggest there may be another important way to approach the alleviation of homelessness, by encouraging the growth of “life skills empowerment” programs such as have been initiated by faith-based organizations in New York City in the past 30 years.
A 10-year-old girl from McAllen, Tex., is recognized for her efforts in helping the homeless in her hometown.