FaithVatican Dispatch
Gerard O’Connell
Pope Francis, in a keynote address to the popular movements this weekend, made specific appeals “in the name of God” to those responsible for key sectors of today’s world economy.
Nativity Mission Center, pictured here in the 1970s, was founded by the Jesuits in 1971 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The center is now part of a coalition of 49 schools across the United States that follow its model for educating underserved children. (Photo courtesy NativityMiguel Coalition.)
FaithJesuit School Spotlight
J.D. Long-García
Mr. Pérez is now the executive director of the NativityMiguel Coalition, a national network of faith-based schools that follow the Nativity model for helping children prepare for rigorous high school curricula.
FaithFaith in Focus
Amelia Jarecke
I spent three days with three 23-year-old volunteers in Kansas City during the second to last week of their service year to understand why they joined J.V.C., how the year shaped them and what role their Catholic faith played in their lives.
Jim McDermott
We are at a point where people of good will need to stop engaging with the MCU for a minute.
Ray MIles, center, who once served time in prison, now works as a vocational counselor for the formerly incarcerated (photos: John W. Miller/iStock).
Politics & SocietyThe Moral Economy
John W. Miller
How we treat people coming out of prison is a measure of the morality of our economy.
Ashley McKinlessZac Davis
God doesn’t share in our outrage. God only invites us to kinship and connection.