Social Justice

Colleen Dulle April 04, 2020
This week on "Inside the Vatican," the hosts discuss how the Vatican is looking both to provide for people’s spiritual needs and to ensure justice for those on the margins of society as the coronavirus pandemic rages on.
Volunteers on Staten Island, New York, distribute food in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in November 2012. The challenge is maintaining such enthusiasm among mutual aid groups in the long run. (iStock/AnnaLauraWolff)
Nathan Schneider April 01, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic is inspiring works of wonder, writes Nathan Schneider, but will volunteers and activists have the energy to keep going after the worst has passed?
Bill and Melinda Gates in June 2009. Mr. Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, is the world’s second richest person and a major source of philanthropic funding. (Kjetil Ree/Creative Commons)
Joseph J. Dunn February 13, 2020
Wealthy philanthropists are not enemies of democracy, writes Joseph J. Dunn. They can identify and respond to problems long before government can act.
Ryan Di Corpo February 10, 2020
Noted philosopher and gender theorist Judith Butler discusses nonviolence, grievability and "radical equality" in her book "The Force of Nonviolence: An Ethico-Political Bind."
Anna J. Marchese February 07, 2020
Lauren Duca counters the claim that Gen Z and millennial cohorts are detached from the political process with examples of people moved, primarily by the ascendency of Trump, to advocate for change.
Pope Francis understands that what is at stake is not just a matter of calling for more ethical behavior by leaders in the system, but an actual reform of the system and how it works.