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FaithFaith and Reason
Stuart W. Swetland
How can we help a new generation reconcile faith with reason? A new collection of the writings of the Jesuit physicist Richard J. Pendergast is a good start.
Arts & CultureTelevision
Christopher Parker
"The Peripheral," a new original Amazon series, resembles “Westworld” in countless ways. Yet even with solid acting performances and breathtaking visuals, “The Peripheral” failed, just as later seasons of “Westworld” failed, to capture any of the immeasurable power of Nolan’s and Joy’s television debut. Why is that?
footprint on the moon surface with the earth in the background
FaithFaith in Focus
Valerie Schultz
It may be a stretch to say that space made baby Boomers believe in God, but the possibilities and potential of space shaped us. The spirituality of space has stayed in our souls.
Most Catholics these days don’t think there is a conflict between the theory of evolution and their faith. But it’s harder to wrap our heads around the idea that we’re still evolving—and that God might be, too.
Arts & CultureCatholic Book Club
James T. Keane
Science fiction and religion might not seem like the most natural of bedfellows—but religion is usually a prominent theme in most contemporary sci-fi.
Arts & CultureVantage Point
Willis E. McNelly
In 1980, Dr. Willis E. McNelly, a pioneer in the academic study of science fiction as a literary genre, offered his thoughts to 'America' on sci-fi and religion.