Matt Malone, S.J. August 21, 2019
Pew explains, “just one-third of U.S. Catholics (31 percent) say they believe that ‘during Catholic Mass, the bread and wine actually become the body and blood of Jesus.’”
Terrance Klein July 05, 2019
We need some comforting, all of us. A moment when we are drawn away from our troubles, a slice of life without its accompanying sorrows.
Terrance Klein June 19, 2019
On this day, under the appearance of bread and wine, Christ claims creation itself to be his eucharistic body and blood.
We shouldn't get rid of the priesthood. We should reconnect it to the holiness of God.
Jack Bentz, S.J. June 05, 2019
Yes, your life is focused on God but centered by the people God gives you to serve.
On May 31, the California state senate passed a bill requiring priests to report anything they heard in the sacrament of confession from priests or colleagues relating to sex abuse. The bill passed with a 30-4 vote, with 4 senators not voting at all. Catholic clergy and survivor groups have clashed