The percentage of Catholics in the world has remained steady, while the number of priests has decreased for the first time in almost a decade.
A woman receives ashes on Feb. 14, 2018, at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. (CNS photo/Adrees Latif, Reuters) 
Brianne Jacobs March 05, 2019
Even the holiest people are complicit in social sin; we benefit from injustices that we do not control. Yet we still have the freedom to seek God’s grace.
Zac Davis March 01, 2019
Was Michael Cohen's soul searching authentic or merely convenient? It’s a question at least as much about sin as about political strategy.
Patrick Gilger, S.J. February 22, 2019
In 'The Dangers of Christian Practice,' Lauren Winner shows that even our holiest religious practices create characteristic distortions.
James T. Keane January 29, 2019
What exactly is Pope Francis suggesting?
James Martin, S.J. January 14, 2019
Did you ever wonder why Jesus was baptized? What sins did Jesus have to repent of? Nothing.