Christian Dube, minister of health and social services, said that because of the spread of COVID-19, Quebec health authorities have had to “permanently adjust, regardless of the alert level” a previously adopted measure.
Catholic bishops and diocesan tribunals are making steady progress in implementing Pope Francis' reforms to make the annulment process quicker, but it is taking longer to achieve the pope's goal of making the process less expensive for couples.
Church services and Mass online cannot compare to or replace the in-person participation of the faithful, Cardinal Sarah told the world's bishops.
Catholic News Service September 11, 2020
A new law requires priests in the state of Queensland to break the seal of confession to report child sex abuse to police or face three years in jail.
In Bogota, Columbia, a priest who was unable to celebrate Mass in his parish accepted a company's invitation to conduct "a drive-in Mass" at an old racetrack.
Given the longevity of the pandemic, the church in Europe will have to deal with the urgency of keeping the faithful engaged in their faith, according to the archbishop of Luxembourg.