James Martin, S.J. January 14, 2019
Did you ever wonder why Jesus was baptized? What sins did Jesus have to repent of? Nothing.
Terrance Klein January 09, 2019
And what would millennial Jesus make of the comments section?
Brad Dickson December 17, 2018
No joke.
Andre Dubus lived and worked for much of his life in Havermill, Ma.
Franklin Freeman November 29, 2018
Dubus was an irascible, loyal, loving, smoking, hard-drinking, hard-punching, tender man, who demanded much of himself and others.
Catholic News Service July 31, 2018
India's Catholic Church has led a chorus of protest over a demand to ban the sacrament of reconciliation from the chairwoman of the National Commission for Women.
Jacob Turnrose June 25, 2018
At the start of my senior year of college, I was taking the Eucharist every day. The problem was, I was not Catholic.