Cemetery by old church of St George in Reichenau Island, Germany. iStock photo
Zita Ballinger Fletcher October 03, 2019
“These options are in no way Christian: to anonymously scatter ashes in nature, air or water; to install an urn in a private home or apartment; to bury remains in a private garden; or to divide ashes into multiple ‘remembrance objects,’” the bishops wrote, also criticizing the trend to convert
Two more Australian states have passed legislation criminalizing priests who fail to report the abuse of children disclosed during confession.
Matt Malone, S.J. September 20, 2019
All violence flows in some way from a failure to understand that our infinite desire for love can be satisfied only by the one who alone is the infinite source of that desire, Matt Malone, S.J. writes.
John Wester September 16, 2019
We spend billions each year on avoiding pain through pharmaceuticals or self-medicating through alcohol and drugs. But we must not forget that pain and suffering are not the enemy.
Megan K. McCabe September 16, 2019
Karen O'Donnell writes her own trauma theology as a “survivor’s gift that is offered as both a comfort and a challenge.”
Terrance Klein September 11, 2019
The Eucharist is the original A.A. meeting. We need to encourage each other, remind each other that we are not alone, that our savior has called us together.