Religious Life

Jenny Shank December 30, 2019
The horrors of abuse remain offstage, barely spoken of, yet the entire book is haunted by them.
Columba Stewart December 27, 2019
Even though manuscripts—handwritten books— are at least several technological stages behind the ways we access information today, we still rely on them for access to the past.
John W. Miller December 02, 2019
A Trappist monastery in Massachusetts revives a centuries-old brewing tradition.
America Films September 27, 2019
When Sister Desiré Anne-Marie Findlay was considering joining the Felician Sisters, she prayed that she wouldn’t have to give up her passion for dance. Here, she talks about how she’s changed through her formation with the sisters: how she’s come to let her natural curls fly free and how her dance
America Films September 27, 2019
Sister Celine, a teacher, and Sister Marie Estelle, a nurse, explain what drew them to join a branch of the Carmelite order that began in Mexico—and what it’s like to go out (even just to the gas station) in their traditional habit.
America Films September 27, 2019
Sr. Alison McCrary, a community lawyer in New Orleans who corresponds with inmates on death row, explains how her vows of poverty, chastity and obedience help her fully serve others in a world that values money, sex and power.