Religious Life

Catholic News Service July 15, 2019
Members of the Dominican general chapter elected 51-year-old Father Gerard Francisco Timoner to be the master general of the worldwide religious order.
Louis J. Cameli May 06, 2019
For celibate priests, there are three specific and essential elements of formation for sustaining their commitment: They need a meaningful reason for celibacy, they need skills for celibate living, and they need a supportive community.
Stephen Bevans, Robin Ryan April 01, 2019
In the wake of an important document on the priesthood, two members of religious congregations offer a few reflections in conversation with the document on another kind of priesthood that is exercised in the church—the priesthood that is lived within religious or consecrated life.
Amanda Vernon and Matt Fase, C.S.C. (photo courtesy Amanda Vernon)
Sean Salai, S.J. April 01, 2019
This is a story about two people who fell in love with each other and gave that love back to God in surrender.
Addison Del Mastro March 20, 2019
A nun’s ability to find humor rather than outrage, to remain humble while believing oneself to be in possession of the truth, is something we can use more of in today’s church.
A statement issued by the Women's International Union of Superiors General concerning the upcoming Vatican summit on sexual abuse lamented "the misplaced loyalty, errors in judgment, slowness to act, denial and at times, cover-up."