Religious Freedom

In this Friday, Aug. 30, 2019, photo, pro-democracy activists Joshua Wong, right, and Agnes Chow speak to media outside a district court in Hong Kong. Wong, Chow and activist Ivan Lam have been sentenced to jail on Wednesday, over charges related to an unauthorized anti-government protest last year at the city's police headquarters. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)
Kevin Clarke December 03, 2020
“[I]t’s not the end of the fight. Ahead of us is another challenging battleground. We’re now joining the battle in prison along with many brave protestors, less visible yet essential in the fight for democracy and freedom for HK.”
The Chinese national flag is pictured in a file photo in front of a Catholic church in the village of Huangtugang. (CNS photo/Thomas Peter, Reuters)
Gerard O’Connell November 17, 2020
China has gained international prestige because of its relations with the Vatican. The Holy See should now seek to obtain more concrete results from its deal with Beijing.
Tributes to the dead are seen outside of Notre Dame Basilica in Nice, France, Nov. 1, 2020, as French bishops conduct a "penitential rite of reparation," following the Oct. 29 deadly attack at church. (CNS photo/Lionel Urman, Panoramic via Reuters)
Kevin Clarke November 06, 2020
Could French president Macron’s moves to counter the threat of homegrown Islamic extremism in the end “boomerang,” leading only to greater alienation of Muslim youth from French society?
Sebastian Gomes October 19, 2020
“We Catholics are not in the battle for religious freedom for sectarian purposes,” George Weigel says. “We are in this for everyone.”
Archbishop Bashar Warda speaks at the opening of a new recovery center originally built by L'Œuvre d’Orient, France, and prepared for Covid-19 patients by the Chaldean Archdiocese of Erbil. (Photo by Stivan Shany, courtesy of the Archdiocese of Erbil)
Kevin Clarke October 19, 2020
Though the Christian communities around Erbil, like much of Iraq, were spared by the first wave of the pandemic, the numbers of Covid-19 cases and deaths rose dramatically over the summer and appear now on the cusp of another significant acceleration.
A Nigerian family visits Holy Rosary Church in Abuja, Nigeria, in this 2014 file photo. (CNS photo/Afolabi Sotunde, Reuters) 
Shola Lawal October 13, 2020
President Buhari’s push to corporatize religious houses is causing tension with religious leaders who accuse him of bias against Christians.