Gerard O’Connell December 01, 2017
Pope Francis asked for forgiveness Friday from refugees in Bangladesh for all the hurt and indifference Muslim Rohingya have endured.
Gerard O’Connell November 30, 2017
While in Bangladesh Pope Francis continued to avoid the "R" word in his calls to aid refugees from the Rakhine State.
America Films November 28, 2017
In a highly-anticipated speech in Myanmar, Pope Francis did not mention Rohingya Muslims by name but indirectly showed support for them.
Pope Francis greets people at the “Regional Hub,” a government-run processing center for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, in Bologna, Italy, Oct. 1. (CNS photo/L’Osservatore Romano)
Gerard O’Connell November 24, 2017
Although he named no countries, Vatican observers believe he is referring especially to political leaders in several western and eastern European countries.
Catholic News Service November 21, 2017
"These threats to so many vulnerable immigrant and refugee families must end now."
Prayer service, conference to promote peace in South Sudan, Congo
"We know that it is the biggest support they can get, the involvement of the church and Pope Francis."