It is understandable to react with anger to dehumanizing speech, but a thoughtful approach can help to de-escalate tensions. (iStock/Juanmonino)
Saadia Ahmad December 06, 2018
Confronted with a political candidate’s Islamophobic language, the author chose not to walk away or to pounce in anger, but to reach across a divide.
Image: America/iStock
John W. Miller November 28, 2018
My mistake, typical of white Americans, was treating slavery as if it were a mystery buried in the past.
Anonymous November 27, 2018
I cannot continue to hide the enduring pain that I feel because of a vile and humiliating incident 30 years ago.
Emma Winters November 16, 2018
The film cuts through that numbness, painting a mural of human emotion where media portrayals of violence offer only a drop of splattered paint.
The U.S. Catholic bishops voted to accept the first pastoral letter against racism in almost 40 years.
Dozens of students at the University of Notre Dame took a knee during the playing of the national anthem at the Catholic school’s football game in South Bend, Ind., this weekend, saying their faith compels them to protest racism.