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seven college students in regular clothes stand in front of a graffiti mural of george floyd with his face and name, in minneapolis
FaithFaith in Focus
Renée Darline Roden
Modern Catholic Pilgrim, the company organizing these pilgrimages, aims to reform the culture of the American Church—and even secular society—through the spiritual practices of hospitality and pilgrimage.
FaithFaith in Focus
Patrick Saint-Jean, S.J.
Today we allow the existence of a societal system that literally kills people of color, through lack of good medical care, unequal legal rights and the effects of poverty. This curse on people of color lives side by side with white Christianity.
Stock photo of a red pickup truck driving down a dusty road in late afternoon.
FaithFaith in Focus
Bob Blundell
While I will never support my father’s prejudice, I will forever be grateful for the fact that God could work through him to help me find my way.
FaithFaith in Focus
Matt Holland
In the 1950s in Omaha, Neb., the multi-racial DePorres Club realized it needed to escalate its tactics from uplifting the Black community to confronting white discrimination.
This 1898 photo provided by the Sisters of the Holy Family (SSF) shows members of the religious order of African-American nuns in New Orleans.
Politics & SocietyNews
David Crary - Associated Press
After 14 years of tenacious research, Shannen Dee Williams arguably now knows more about America’s Black nuns than anyone in the world.
Cardinal Wilton Gregory, Archbishop of Washington, places ashes on the forehead of a parishioner during the Ash Wednesday Mass at Saint Matthew the Apostle Cathedral in Washington, Wednesday, March, 2, 2022.
Yonat Shimron - Religion News Service
While Catholics generally are prone to religious switching, Black Catholics have the highest rates. Only 54 percent of U.S. Black Catholics who were raised in the faith remain so as adults.