In mid-April, the Iowa Department of Health pointed out that Latinos made up almost 20% of New York State residents with confirmed COVID-19, even though they're 6.2% of the population.
Olga Segura April 24, 2020
Thomas Chatterton Williams, a fierce critic of identity politics, urges readers to move beyond a black-white binary in discussing or thinking about race in the United States.
Rob Weinert-Kendt February 21, 2020
The show's extreme makeover casts something of a spell but it comes off more and more like a self-serious period piece with some kicking tunes.
Jesuitical January 17, 2020
There is still much that remains unknown about the enslaved people owned, rented and borrowed by the Catholic Church.
The Editors January 10, 2020
As we celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. this month, it is worth remembering that despite the intensely political nature of his ministry and activism, Dr. King was himself not a politician so much as a prophet.
Ryan Di Corpo November 26, 2019
At a public memorial service in the cathedral, the site of the funerals of James Baldwin and Duke Ellington, several friends of Ms. Morrison provided their recollections of her talent, warmth and sense of humor.