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Three women smile at each other while walking with a group of small toddlers.
Christopher Parker
Since 1992, Hour Children has aimed to prepare women during their sentence for re-entry into society and then provide support after it ends.
A basketball court in a concrete yard, surrounding by a prison building
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Scott Bauer - Associated Press
A Wisconsin judge ruled against the state prison system on Thursday, saying its Covid-19 visitor policy that barred Catholic clergy from meeting with inmates for more than a year violated religious freedom.
Young men engaged in an art lab at Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation. Photo courtesy of PBMR.
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Sarah Vincent
With programs from housing support to workplace development to art therapy, Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation serves formerly incarcerated people, their families and those struggling with crime or victimization.
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Catholic News Service
Robert McWilliams, 41, was found unresponsive early Feb. 4, the Federal Bureau of Prisons said. It is believed that he died by suicide.
Ray MIles, center, who once served time in prison, now works as a vocational counselor for the formerly incarcerated (photos: John W. Miller/iStock).
Politics & SocietyThe Moral Economy
John W. Miller
How we treat people coming out of prison is a measure of the morality of our economy.
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Alessandra Harris
While American Catholics today would unequivocally condemn the institution of slavery and Jim Crow segregation, most do not see or work against one of its most prominent present-day manifestations: mass incarceration.