James Martin, S.J. August 12, 2019
Many devout Christians end up, with the best intentions, overwhelmed by the great many things that they feel that they have to do in their daily prayer, as if prayer is just a “to do” list.
The WordTwenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)
Michael Simone August 25, 2019

‘Strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many, I tell you, will attempt to enter but will not be strong enough.’ (Lk 13:24)

The WordTwenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)
Michael Simone September 01, 2019

‘Invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind; blessed indeed will you be because of their inability to repay you.’ (Lk 7:13-14)

Danielle Vaclavik August 08, 2019
As the rest of the congregation, myself included, averted our eyes as our Lord stood in our midst, this man did not look away.
James Martin, S.J. August 02, 2019
Imagine Jesus were to come into a room and tell you something. You would obviously treasure his words and want to remember exactly what he said. So you’d certainly write them down, maybe even paint them on the wall of every room in your house.
James Martin, S.J. July 29, 2019
The most significant gift to the world from St. Ignatius, as every Jesuit will tell you, is the distinctive spirituality known as “Ignatian spirituality.”