Certain memories linger in our hearts with special clarity. For me, a long-ago Holy Saturday that marked the day before my reception into the Catholic Church is one of those.
Prayers for Our Lady. Photo by Melissa Vida.
Melissa Vida April 19, 2019
The air was still thick with smoke and the ash burnt the eyes of the onlookers, who were relieved to see the cathedral still standing. For many Catholics, the coincidence of the blaze occurring at the start of Holy Week speaks of the greater mysteries of Easter.
The WordThird Sunday of Easter (C)
Michael Simone May 05, 2019

‘And when he had said this, he said to him, “Follow me.”’ (Jn 21:19)

The WordFourth Sunday of Easter (C)
Michael Simone May 12, 2019

Acts 13:14-52, Ps 100, Rev 7:9-17, Jn 10:27-30

James Martin, S.J. April 19, 2019
All journalists should be humble because we are so often wrong.
James Martin, S.J. April 19, 2019
Jesus understands not only our bodily suffering, but also our spiritual suffering, in these feelings of abandonment. He was like us in all things, except sin. And he experienced all that we did.