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the ihs logo of the jesuits carved and with a wooden background
FaithOf Many Things
Sam Sawyer, S.J.
Spending three months away is not a usual move for someone recently installed as editor in chief of a magazine and media ministry. Please be assured that I will continue to accompany you in prayer in tertianship.
a virginia opossum sits on some rocks
FaithThe Good Word
Terrance Klein
A Homily for the Sixth Sunday of Easter, by Terrance Klein. Like a possum playing dead, the Holy Spirit might not reveal his work in life until after the action has already taken place.
book open with coffee mug sitting atop it
FaithFaith in Focus
Simcha Fisher
If anyone asked me what was the one thing they could do to start off on a better path spiritually, I would recommend resolving to make a morning offering.
colorful icons of a hummingbird, monarch butteryfly and bee
FaithFaith in Focus
Jim McDermott
Artist Angela Manno creates Byzantine Russian-style icons of threatened and endangered plant and animal species. And they are really extraordinary.
FaithScripture Reflections
Ashley McKinless
A Reflection for the Friday of the Second Week of Easter by Ashley McKinless
pope francis greets medical workers in a hospital in 2021
FaithFaith in Focus
Molly Cahill
I was pleasantly surprised to realize that amid all the polarization and turmoil found online among Catholics, we can still come together to pray for an old man who happens to be our pope.