Terrance Klein October 17, 2018
Our faith tells us that Christ chose to suffer on our behalf and that when we choose to do the same, in the service of others, we imitate Jesus in our own lives.
At a time of technological and scientific progress, "we ought to feel shame" for not having advanced in "humanity and solidarity" enough to feed the world's poor, Pope Francis said.
Brazilian men and women religious find ways to serve the needs of LA's homeless population.
The good news from the U.S. Census Bureau Sept. 12 was that the poverty rate dropped for the third straight year in 2017 and median family incomes ticked up 1.8 percent to nearly $61,400.
Attorney General Xavier Becerra has ordered Food for the Poor to "cease and desist" from using a statement about the percentage of donations that go to direct aid. Becerra has called the statement "unfair and deceptive."
The recipient of welfare money has to work at a job, be actively seeking a job or take part in a job training program -- and be able to document it -- to receive the cash assistance. Those who don't are at risk of having their funds cut off for months. For repeat offenders, it could be years.