George M. Anderson, S.J., who died on Aug. 4 at age 86, was for many years the conscience of America magazine, especially in his focus on and commitment to the poor.
"We see with increasing urgency the need for a state intelligently existing and dialoguing with the community to respond to the emergency produced by the pandemic," they said.
J. Desmond Gleeson June 29, 2020
In this article from the Dec. 5, 1931, issue of America, J. Desmond Gleeson laments the economic devastation of the Great Depression, noting that it came about without warning.
Auxiliary bishop-designate Bruce A. Lewandowski of Baltimore is appealing to Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan to increase free Covid-19 testing to minority neighborhoods of the city.
Catholic News Service June 16, 2020
With Lebanon celebrating its centenary this year, Cardinal Rai said perhaps it "is passing through the harshest stage" of its existence.
Gerard O’Connell June 13, 2020
“Until we revive our sense of responsibility for our neighbor and every person, grave economic, financial and political crises will continue,” the pope said in his message for the World Day of the Poor.