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Liz Truss speaks at the Queen Elizabeth II Center in London, after being announced as the new British prime minister.
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Simon Caldwell - Catholic News Service
In a congratulatory note to Liz Truss, Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster said many people in the U.K. would be facing the choice between “heating and eating” this winter because of rampant inflation and soaring fuel bills.
Mother Teresa presents documents for a new house to a villager.
Jon M. Sweeney
How did Mother Teresa's ubiquitous presence in the media hinder us from really knowing her?
FaithFaith in Focus
Marty Rogers
There is no formula to charity, companionship or Matthew 25.
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The Gloria Purvis Podcast
When it comes to social justice issues, “the church can show up as moral first responders or as funeral directors,” says Cornell Brooks.
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The Gloria Purvis Podcast
Dana Sweeney joins “The Gloria Purvis Podcast” this week to discuss mass incarceration, economic and racial justice and government accountability in Alabama.
Parenting is punished in this country, and the punishments are multiplied for mothers, who continue to do the lion’s share of caregiving. (iStock/jacoblund)
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Colleen Shaddox
Abortion is being promoted as a workaround for the far messier and more urgent task of building an economy that is not mired in sexism. It is not a real choice for those in poverty.