The Catholic Church in Mexico is stepping up efforts to assist people who are suffering from the Coronavirus, poverty, and other social assistance issues.
Homeless outreach personnel assist passengers found sleeping on subway cars in New York City on April 30. New York has the highest income inequality among the 50 states, comparable to the inequality in the nation of Angola. (AP Photo/John Minchillo, File)
Robert David Sullivan May 29, 2020
Death rates from the coronavirus have been highest in low-income areas, writes Robert David Sullivan. And according to one measure of economic inequality, the U.S. more closely resembles Latin America and Africa than Europe.
Catholic bishops from South America are warning that the pandemic will engender "a humanitarian and environmental tragedy" is something is not done to alleviate conditions particularly in the Amazon basin.
Gerard O’Connell May 16, 2020
Pope Francis asked the group to ‘prepare the future’ not ‘prepare for the future.’
More than 100 organizations--including Catholic religious congregations-- which advocate for debt relief have publicized a letter to the International Monetary Fund calling on international policymakers to cancel debt payments for poor and developing nations so that they use focus their resources
David Hollenbach May 13, 2020
As we face the challenge of Covid-19, our obligations to the citizens of our own country must not negate our duties to global humanity. Active support for the poor and the displaced will be essential in longer-term efforts for a more just, more inclusive and healthier post-crisis world.