Attorney General Xavier Becerra has ordered Food for the Poor to "cease and desist" from using a statement about the percentage of donations that go to direct aid. Becerra has called the statement "unfair and deceptive."
The recipient of welfare money has to work at a job, be actively seeking a job or take part in a job training program -- and be able to document it -- to receive the cash assistance. Those who don't are at risk of having their funds cut off for months. For repeat offenders, it could be years.
Sen. Robert F. Kennedy meets a resident of Greenville, Miss., in April 1967. (AP Photo/Jack Thornell)
Antonio De Loera-Brust June 01, 2018
Our measurements of poverty have changed since Robert F. Kennedy’s historic presidential campaign, but the poor and marginalized still need a champion.
According to Caritas Roma, an estimated 1.4 million euros ($1.7 million) worth of coins were tossed into the famed fountain in 2016.
The Editors March 09, 2018
The foundational flaw with the proposed reform is the stripping away of choice, and the dignity that comes with it, from low-income Americans.
Jim McDermott March 02, 2018
The film "The Florida Project" depicts a new reality: families who live week to week in motels, unable to afford permanent housing.