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Pope Francis, seated, speaking with editors and staff of America.
The Editors
Pope Francis sits down with America for an exclusive interview on polarization, racism, Ukraine, Vatican-China relations and church teaching on the ordination of women.
Jayd Henricks
Social justice issues, including climate change, consume not only the majority of our public relations, but also our staffing resources at the U.S.C.C.B.
Inside the Vatican
For Thanksgiving week, “Inside the Vatican” is bringing you a brief update on a few of the top Vatican stories.
The pope, dressed in white garments, speaks into a microphone while seated
Catholic News Service
Praying for peace in Ukraine, Pope Francis remembered both the victims of Russia’s current aggression and the millions of victims of a Soviet-engineered famine 90 years ago.
Pope Francis
Pope Francis continues his weekly audiences on discernment: Spiritual consolation “is an experience of interior joy, consisting in seeing God’s presence in everything.”
Kevin Clarke
The election Archbishop Timothy Broglio to lead the conference suggested to Bishop Stowe that “we’re definitely not going to be going in the direction of Pope Francis any more than we have, and that’s unfortunate.”