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Migrants wade across a river during as they trek across the Darien Gap from Colombia to Panama, in hopes of reaching the U.S., Wednesday, May 10, 2023. Pandemic-related U.S. asylum restrictions, known as Title 42, are to expire Thursday, May 11. (AP Photo/Ivan Valencia)
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Kevin Clarke
Sister Norma Pimentel has devoted years to protecting life at the border as migrant flows rise and fall. Growing anxiety over the lifting of Title 42 controls at the border has been a recent distraction from her ministry.
aloysius john wears a suit in front of a dark wall and speaks into a microphone. he is a french man of indian descent
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Nicole Winfield - Associated Press
The Vatican’s main charitable organization, Caritas Internationalis, is hoping to open a new chapter this week, but the recently ousted head is fighting back, claiming the Vatican engaged in a “brutal power grab” fueled by a “colonialist” attitude.
New York police officers gather on the platform at a New York City subway stop after Jordan Neely was placed in a headlock by a fellow rider on a subway train on May 1, according to police officials and video of the encounter. Mr. Neely died of his injuries. (Paul Martinka via AP)
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Jenn Morson
Two recent tragedies, a death on a New York city subway train and a mass shooting in Texas, show that too many of us follow the temptation to describe others as less than human.
a priest stands in the shade of a tree with others around him praying together
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Kate Scanlon - OSV News
In response to the crash in Brownsville, Bishop Flores said, “We must resist the corrosive tendency to devalue the lives of immigrants, the poor, and the vulnerable.”
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Gina Christian - OSV News
Cybersecurity at Catholic parishes is less robust than it could be, but several free and low-cost resources can bolster defenses.
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Maggie Phillips
Parents should take a lead in giving their children an accurate picture about sex and reproduction, but too many young adults never learn the basics about fertility.