Papal Authority

Avery Dulles May 24, 2019
Responses to 10 of the principal objections that are commonly raised against the Catholic Church's teaching on the ordination of women.
James T. Keane April 26, 2019
Books for every kind of reader are featured in our Spring Books special literary issue.
Gerard O’Connell March 31, 2019
Aboard the papal plane, Francis spoke with reporters about the need to build solidarity, not barriers.
Eric Sundrup, S.J. March 26, 2019
Some background to the kerfuffle over Pope Francis and kissing the papal ring.
Jon M. Sweeney February 11, 2019
When it comes to writing fiction about the papacy, we imagine the popes we want—most of the time.
Tobias Winright August 17, 2018
Did Pope Francis depart from Scripture and tradition in declaring the death penalty "inadmissible"? Or was his declaration rooted deeply in both?