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James T. Keane
Martin Amis leaves behind a remarkable corpus of fiction, essays and memoir—even if he could be eminently dislikable.
FaithVantage Point
Avery Dulles
After the death of Henri de Lubac, S.J., on Sept. 4, 1991, Avery Dulles, S.J. penned a long tribute to the theologian, a major influence on Vatican II and later theological developments.
dolores leckey is seated wearing a black shirt and a necklace on a white couch with books behind her
OSV News
Dolores R. Leckey, who was founding director of the U.S. bishops’ Secretariat for the Laity in 1977 and at the time one of the highest ranking women in the U.S. Catholic Church, died peacefully of natural causes Jan. 17 in her home in Arlington.
FaithVantage Point
William Miller
After Dorothy Day's death in 1980, her biographer William Miller wrote her obituary for America, noting that "the amazing thing about her life was the improbability of it all."
thomas cahill sits in his new york apartment in a 2006 photo, he is wearing a black shirt and brown pants and rests his arm on a piano. there is a lamp behind him
Arts & CultureNews
Associated Press
In his million-selling “How the Irish Saved Civilization,” Cahill cited Ireland's crucial—and unappreciated—preservation of classical texts after the fall of the Roman Empire.
FaithShort Take
Gerald O'Collins
As an outstanding student of the Gospels, the Rev. John Meier set himself to present the historical Jesus to the world, producing in five volumes one of the longest works ever published on the life and person of Jesus.