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“The Mass itself is a reminder that you don’t just have mariachis you tip at tableside in a cantina,” said Alberto Ranjel. “It is a representation of my culture.”
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This historic and traditional music reflects the experience, thoughts, sorrows, joys and spirituality of our enslaved and free ancestors.
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One of Germany’s most famous Catholic boys’ choirs, the Regensburg Cathedral Choir, plans to establish a separate choral group for girls for the first time in its more than 1000-year history.
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The U.S. bishops' doctrine committee in a forthcoming report suggests guidelines for bishops in evaluating hymn lyrics and for selecting hymnals being considered for use in churches.
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Deep in the ‘Gather’ hymnal is a treasury of distinctly Catholic meaning set to music. We could use a lot of more that.
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“It might be a good thing to discard this piece whose popularity is becoming unhealthy,” one early critic wrote.