Middle East

Signs of normal live are slowly returning to the ruins of Mosul. (Kevin Clarke)
Kevin Clarke October 09, 2018
Sunni Muslims who have returned to the gray dusty ruin of West Mosul, Iraq, to start over, but most Christians are convinced that is impossible to ever return to live here.
A Yazidi family in a temporary shelter in Iraq. (Kevin Clarke)
Kevin Clarke October 05, 2018
Few Yazidi families have been able to escape from temporary shelters in Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan. Their home villages have not been swept for mines and booby traps left behind when ISIS was dislodged.
A Congolese doctor who treats rape victims and an Iraqi woman who speaks out for those — like herself — who were raped and tortured by the Islamic State group won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for their work to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war.
Students attend a new kindergarten in Qaraqosh, Iraq. (Kevin Clarke)
Kevin Clarke October 04, 2018
Qaraqosh’s wary residents who fled ISIS have returned to a city in near ruin, but there are signs of renewed life, including a kindergarten sponsored by the Jesuit Refugee Service.
“Mother Mary” gazes serenely down on the traffic fuming and stalling around her in Ankawa, a suburb of Erbil. (Kevin Clarke)
Kevin Clarke October 02, 2018
Christians in northern Iraq try to rebuild their lives after the defeat of ISIS, but the terror of being driven from their homes is not easily forgotten.
Ashley McKinless September 21, 2018
He was a French novice monk in Syria. She was a journalist who wanted to become a nun. Then, they fell in love.