Middle East

’The Cave’ is a portrait of courage under fire, resilience and hope (photo: National Geographic).
John Anderson January 10, 2020
“The Cave” is something of a talking-dog movie: You’re astounded it exists, never mind what it has to say.
A mourner leaves a funeral ceremony for Iranian Gen. Qassim Soleimani and his comrades, passing graffiti on the wall of the former U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran, on Jan. 6. (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi)
Maryann Cusimano Love January 08, 2020
The U.S. executive branch has long been expanding its powers to wage war, writes Maryann Cusimano Love, but President Trump seems eager to go even further in acting without congressional authorization.
Catholic News Service January 08, 2020
The statement from Archbishop Gomez comes five days after the U.S. launched a drone strike that killed Gen. Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad.
Mourners attend a funeral procession for Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani and Iraqi militia commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis in Tehran, Iran, Jan. 6, 2020. The two men were killed Jan. 3 in a U.S. drone airstrike at Baghdad International Airport. (CNS photo/Nazanin Tabatabaee/, West Asia News Agency via Reuters)
Ryan Di Corpo January 06, 2020
Pope Francis prayed for peace from St. Peter’s Square. “War only brings death and destruction,” he said. “I call on all parties to keep alive the flame of dialogue and self-control and avoid the shadow of enmity.”
Columba Stewart December 27, 2019
Even though manuscripts—handwritten books— are at least several technological stages behind the ways we access information today, we still rely on them for access to the past.
An anti-government protester in Beirut demonstrates in front of riot police Dec. 15, 2019. (CNS photo/Mohamed Azakir, Reuters)
"The wounds of the Islamic State have not been healed yet, together with the ongoing violence, poverty, unemployment and poor services that have pushed thousands of people, especially youth, to demonstrate peacefully, demanding the right to live with dignity and freedom in a stable, secure and