A border patrol agent walks along a wall separating Tijuana, Mexico, from San Diego on March 18. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)
J.D. Long-García March 20, 2020
The “social distancing” required by the coronavirus is making it more difficult to provide essential services to migrants and asylum seekers stranded at the U.S.-Mexico border, writes J.D. Long-García.
Following, carefully, in his father’s footsteps—Homero Gómez in El Rosario. Photo by Jan-Albert Hootsen.
Jan-Albert Hootsen March 09, 2020
A shadow hangs over El Rosario where each year millions of monarch butterflies alight on the reserve's fir trees. Two local protectors of Mexico's monarch preserve have been killed, and so far, no one can say what happened to them.
Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna of Malta, adjunct secretary of the doctrinal congregation, will be accompanied by Spanish Father Jordi Bertomeu Farnos, a congregation official, on a visit to Mexico City March 20-27.
Mexico's bishops called for action after a spate of slayings of women and girls -- crimes known as femicide -- that have provoked anger and protests, but also highlighted the country's machismo culture and deep-seated problems such as impunity.
J.D. Long-García January 30, 2020
Of the 7,000 asylum cases that have been completed in the El Paso sector since the policy was implemented, only 15 individuals received asylum—a denial rate of more than 99 percent.
Associated Press January 16, 2020
The Roman Catholic Church in Mexico called on the country's government Tuesday to modify the legal code and do away with statutes of limitations for sexual abuse of minors.