A crackdown on drug cartels, started 11 years ago, has claimed more than 200,000 lives and left more than 30,000 people missing.
At least six armed individuals entered the shelter in the early morning hours of May 6 and stole some of the migrants' meager possessions, including cash, cellphones and ID cards.
Sean Carroll, S.J. May 14, 2018
President Trump’s determination to build a wall does not consider the complex realities that force people to migrate north to the United States.
Philippine activists hold banners to mark International Human Rights Day in Manila Dec. 10, 2017. (CNS photo/Mark R. Cristino, EPA)
Kevin Clarke May 04, 2018
In April scores have died in a series of attacks and assassinations in Mexico, the Philippines and Nigeria. Catholics at prayer during Mass have been targeted in a number of attacks.
The Mexican Flag flies on the Zocalo near the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City.
Jan-Albert Hootsen April 10, 2018
As consequential as the next Mexican election may be, the Catholic Church in Mexico has largely remained on the sidelines so far.
The April 7 letter, addressed to people in Mexico and the United States and the presidents of both countries, echoed sentiments of U.S. border bishops by saying the frontier between the two countries "is not a war zone".