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While certain myths continue to linger, advocates of NFP say there is plenty that the Catholic Church can do to inform and support those who wish to learn.
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July 13, 2017
“Marriage preparation is a fantastic opportunity for evangelization, catechesis and pastoral care—our diocese dropped the ball on this opportunity.”
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Tim PriceJune 22, 2017
My father was a decorated New York City police officer, but he retired early to focus on his drinking.
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Their invalid marriages put these Catholics on the margins of the church.
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Eloise BlondiauMay 26, 2017
In the hyper-curated, beautiful world that Dev lives in, a scene that conveys the touching, ugly stubbornness of marriage seems totally impossible.
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Faith Faith in Focus
Tracey WigfieldApril 20, 2017
Turns out, like having a kid or climbing Mount Everest or doing anything worth doing, you can’t sorta get married.