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Michael J. O’Loughlin
Weddings historically had served as an opportunity to “evangelize and re-engage” young couples, but that chance was being lost when brides and grooms bypass the church altogether when planning their ceremony.
pages of a book formed into a heart shape
Simcha Fisher
Marriages between a Catholic and a non-Catholic may be becoming more common, but they are by no means easy, especially with regard to how to raise children.
FaithFaith and Reason
Robert W. McElroy
Pope Francis is calling us to appreciate the vital interplay between the pastoral and doctrinal aspects of church teaching when it comes to sexual sin and the reception of the Eucharist.
Arts & CultureCatholic Book Club
James T. Keane
Valentine’s Day has not historically been the favorite holiday of America writers, but reflections on love have always found a home in these pages.
Arts & CultureBooks
Jill Rice
The genre that spawned “Bridgerton” is perhaps the least Catholic type of fiction available today, but its relationships are more Catholic than expected.
archbishop justin welby of the anglican church talks
Simon Caldwell - OSV News
The Church of England banned church weddings for same-sex couples while allowing priests to bless same-sex marriages and partnerships.