Simcha Fisher March 12, 2019
In the culture of the shout, the intimate heat of the crucible of suffering is replaced by the heat of the Klieg lights, which reveal without transforming.
This new catechumenate is necessary, Pope Francis said, because "you can't play around with love."
Terrance Klein October 03, 2018
What do we say to those whose marriages failed? Do we say that something went wrong in God’s great gift to you?
James T. Keane August 14, 2018
One of the leading novelists of our age on faith, fiction and his distrust of religious institutions.
Valerie Schultz July 31, 2018
Like the apostles, we have been sent out two by two to proclaim the message of Jesus with our imperfect lives.
Amid controversy caused by a Vatican official's assertions that priests "have no credibility" in marriage preparation, representatives from dioceses across the United States maintain that both priests and laity have integral roles in the process.