Maureen Miller March 03, 2020
Each of us imagines we have “My Person.” I long thought mine was comedian John Mulaney.
In a Catholic world where debates over clerical celibacy have flared from Brazil to the Vatican, Joshua Whitfield is that rarest of things: A married Catholic priest.
Simcha Fisher January 24, 2020
Catholic groups offer high-tech, effective options for couples seeking to use fertility awareness based methods of family planning. But first they need more access to them.
Beverly Willett October 10, 2019
Some say I have brought suffering on myself by standing up for the promises I made at the altar. In a sense that is true. But the alternative would have been to betray myself.
J.D. Long-García August 22, 2019
Its multifaceted approach aims to welcome couples into the community, enrich their relationships and help them grow together in the faith.
Couples exchange vows during a wedding service at St. Michael the Archangel Church in Georgetown, Del., on Feb. 14, 2010. (CNS photo/Don Blake, The Dialog)
Robert David Sullivan August 20, 2019
Nearly two-thirds of college graduates are married, writes Robert David Sullivan, compared with only about half of those who have not gone beyond high school.