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Arts & CultureVantage Point
C. J. McNaspy
Those of us who have championed the vernacular cause over the years were never so naive (and we said so in print) as to believe that translation would put an end to all problems. In fact, it creates new ones.
A sunrise ceremony, including the Native American purification ritual called smudging, at the Tekakwitha Conference in Fargo, N.D., on July 26, 2014. The conference was named for St. Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native American to be canonized in the Catholic Church. (CNS photo/Nancy Wiechec)
FaithShort Take
Damian Costello
The revitalization of ceremonial life in Indigenous communities and the resurgence of the Latin Mass both reflect a desire to return to a more holistic way of knowing, characteristic of our ancestors.
FaithFaith in Focus
Neil Fulton
The practice of sitting in the front pew has helped to focus my own wandering mind.
FaithFaith in Focus
Kerry Weber
The Easter Vigil is a Mass that bears only a basic resemblance to typical Catholic weekend worship, but in breaking from that form it brings home the power of the Resurrection anew.
FaithVantage Point
David F. Gallagher
Want better music at Mass? Leave it to the professionals (and pay them).
FaithFaith in Focus
Holly Taylor Coolman
What is it that draws so many people to a church’s pews week after week?