Faith Generation Faith
James WhiteAugust 10, 2017
Speaking in front of a hundred people did not come naturally to me.
Faith Explainer
Emma Winters July 11, 2017
Odds are, if your parish provides a “gluten-free” host, it is actually just using a low-gluten host.
Arts & Culture Books
Sidney CallahanJuly 06, 2017
Father Thomas J. Scirghi recognizes how much preparation good preaching requires.
Edward Lally (center) is joined by his schola, Sarah Coffman, Katherine Keberlein, Ngaire Bull and Sarah Beatty, at St. Edward's Catholic Church in Chicago on April 8, 2017. Photo courtesy of Sarah Beatty.
Faith Dispatches
Judith ValenteApril 25, 2017
With chant “you’re expressing something in pure melody."
Magazine Your Take
Our readersMarch 23, 2017
Teenagers and young adults feel more connected to the church when they are rolling up their sleeves and working.
Robert P. ImbelliJanuary 31, 2017
Our purpose in speaking liturgically is to celebrate faithfully the Gospel that is the church’s sole reason for being.