Faith Ideas
Massimo FaggioliSeptember 12, 2017
"Magnum Principium," the new apostolic letter released motu proprio by Pope Francis, is returning authority to regional bishops' conferences in matters of liturgical translation. But why and how?
Michael G. RyanSeptember 10, 2017
Can we now, at long last, begin to talk frankly and openly about the problems with the translation?
Faith Dispatches
Michael J. O’LoughlinSeptember 09, 2017
Cardinal Cupich said the pope is making clear that Vatican II documents are authoritative and permanent.
John F. BaldovinSeptember 09, 2017
This latest document may not be a bombshell but it is certainly a significant change in direction with regard to who has responsibility for liturgical translations.
The EditorsSeptember 09, 2017
These changes rebalance the relationship between the Vatican and local bishops' conferences in favor of greater local control.
Faith Short Take
Gregory HillisAugust 28, 2017
Did Pope Francis snub Latin-Mass goers? Or is he taking their concerns seriously?