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FaithFaith in Focus
Jim McDermott
When someone dies, it is only right that family and friends be given a chance to share their memories of their loved one. But the balance between pastoral care and logistical realities can be a tough one to strike.
This week on Jesuitical, Ashley and Zac talk to Father Dave Dwyer, the executive director of Busted Halo and the author of the new book ‘Mass Class: Your Questions Answered.’
The Gloria Purvis Podcast
This week on “The Gloria Purvis Podcast,” Gloria speaks with the Rev. Thomas Burke about the importance of establishing personal parishes for Black Catholics.
Two Jesuits speaking
Ricardo da Silva, S.J.
Disagreement gets a bad rap nowadays. Why?
FaithShort Take
Kerry Weber
The way we talk about the liturgy matters, and to describe something as “irreverent” assumes a level of malicious intent on the part of worshipers that other terms do not.
Sebastian Gomes
Introducing America’s new, groundbreaking feature documentary, “People of God: How Catholic Parish Life is Changing in the United States.”